and yet another stitchy update!

Wow i am on a roll!!

the next update on the Victoria Sampler Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm Sampler

to refresh being stitched on32 ct linen  dyed by janine at Colours Down Under

no beads obviously as i am wanting to scan each update so they will be done at the end..

there is a bigger pic HERE

carely is next in the rotation


2 posts in a week!!!!!!!!!

don’t faint …

firstly my precious draggie butt…
stitched 1×2 on 45 ct pearl barley lakeside linen ( i am in love with this 45 ct graziano linen.. i will have to mortgage the house and buy more)
converted to fugue blues as Blue is amos’s favourite colour
the link to the chart is in a previous post it is Ferocious Beastie by Arelete studios ( nancy Spies)

Ferocious Beastie .. Arelete studios using HDF silks and 45 ct linen from lakeside linens

Ferocious Beastie .. Arelete studios using HDF silks and 45 ct linen from lakeside linens

 note the border and outline are in a almost black purple, the darkest of the hdf sue purples.. i love it

next up is my samples sampler..
i have added the chrysocolla combos i created on the hdf board

brights sampler using HDF and 35 ct linen 1x1

brights sampler using HDF and 35 ct linen 1x1

the colours go in order

Sue-purple/Fugue/black combo
light sue purple combo
Sue purple/fugue/ combo
Chrysocolla combo
Chrysocolla/Sue purple combo..

sttiched 1×1 of course on 35 ct linen
next will probably be hibiscus pink and a dark crysocolla experiment vikki did

Girly girly stitching and knitting

I set off for my week away full of wonderful plans to stitch ferocious beastie for Amos , all kitted all my silkies etc etc etc..
settled down at mums the night before we flew out to start it, and discovered the chart was not in the folder of charts i had…
So after a minor petit tantrum…lol i rallied and picked through the charts in the to do folder and the random mystery mini’s in the bottom of my stitching bag and started the chart i won as a door prize in the recent online stitching show
Spring Lace from Whispered by the wind stitched on 45 ct navy bean graziano linen ( dyed by lakeside linen) 1×2 with a girly pinky peachy mystery spool …. the colour is a bit off… the linen is more cream, the colours more peachy


I also knitted a big chunk of a second scarf for michele, not the one i intended to start, but the wool michele had chosen did not match the design so i went with a new design.. the wool is gorgeous, Colinette’s Jitterbug in Sweet Dreams , which is a perfect spring colour for those snowy days she has in spring … the pattern  is called
Column of leaves


she recommends pressing it after knitting an di can see why…
but paul wanted to try out his new phone camera… so that is where the pics came from.. pretty good really…


sorry to all who have been waiting for me to email them etc.. i have done my usual and come back form a trip and been really sick with a migraine and sinus issues … i should be back to normnal tomorrow and doing BB stuff etc

fairy charity wip

i wavered whether to show this or not..
as it doesn’t look like much, even though i have stitched and stitched and stitched
the left hand reeds are 99% done, the water around the pad is half done and the pad has been started, the bright blue starting on the pad is another frog foot to match the one i have already done… Colours are all a bit washed out as people who own the fugue blues will be able to atest as it is a lot brighter that froggie foot IRL an d the fab is a lot greener

stitched 1x1 on Stitches and Spice Bush Morning 28 ct Jobelan and HDF silks Artist Myrea Petit

stitched 1x1 on Stitches and Spice Bush Morning 28 ct Jobelan and HDF silks Artist Myrea Petit


and a bigger pic HERE

I am now taking a week to do a bit of personal stitching for my Nephew Amos.. when he saw this pic on the Laptop he was besotted and the universal opinion was it was him to a T..
So i will be stitching Ferocious Beastie By Arelate Studio … Nancy Spies He will be stitched 1×1 with the HDF Silk Brights, but he will be bright blue not red and i will put Amos’s name above it and make it into a door sign for his bedroom door
I would like to really give Nancy a big rap here as she only charged me $2.00 for postage to Australia.. When most USA sellers are trying to make us pay ridiculous amounts for 1 chart ( one company dared to ask for $12 usd FOR ONE CHART TO BE POSTED) and her emails were delightful…

hopefully in a week i will have two small finishes to show you!!

and new chart lust… this one is the next in my obsessions .. yes i know i have heaps of chart obsessions ( as my wishlist will show lol)

 Language of Flowers by Rosewood Manor  I am glad i had not started A Garden Grew as i like this one more

a few small pics

I just wanted to share a few very colourful pictures with you.. whilst my shoulder has been bad i had to just do straight sampler ish type sttiching with my right hand…
i never realised how important my 2 handed sttiching was for haed sttiching!

I started Sampler Cove’s Taking Flight… mentioned in an earlier post
I knew what fabric and what main colour…
Vikki’s limited edition pale pink linen 35 ct  from her LOTM ( this months) and an enchanter rose combo of the darkest three enchanter roses , but the other colour was a mystery to me.. i tested 5 , and the two favs i asked peoples opinions on the hdf board… Vikki, sharon and Vicky being trouble makers reckoned i should use both…
the jury is still out on that for me , but i decided to do the first full row of Butterflies before making a decision..
so i welcome peoples feedback… Blue, Green, or both??

Designed by Sampler Cove 1x1 on 35 ct linen

Designed by Sampler Cove 1x1 on 35 ct linen


HERE is a bigger pic… the green is greener , the blue is bluer

Next is a little sampler i whipped up to go in a show off pen…
it was sort of a tester for some of the colours i have been creating in silks
stitched 1×1 on 35 ct 

my design, 1x1 on 35 ct using HDF silks

my design, 1x1 on 35 ct using HDF silks

and next is the latest colour i created and the start of my big wild colours sampler…. after thinking i would be doing it as a quaker i changed my mind and am doing a sort of quaker motif plus bands sampler…. some how.. i have ideas in my head, but what comes out on the fab is a mystery!

2241-43/6111-13 silk combo 1x1 on 35 ct linen

2241-43/6111-13 silk combo 1x1 on 35 ct linen


yes Sonya the purples are the Sue purples.. i have been playing

Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Farm Sampler Update

just a quick little update to share my latest wip pic of this sampler…
i did not get as far a s i hoped , as i alluded to in my last post my neck and shoulder/shoulder blade are really bothering me… the lot of a fibromyalgia suferer i guess.. thank goodness it is not in my ankle/knee  at the moment.. that is usually where i have unexpected random increases in pain ..

or headaches , so really slower stitching and more knitting is not the end of the world

so anyway all the top section minus beads and a bit of associated backstitching has been done, i will not bead unti l the end so i am not bugging paul for too many pictures

jingle bells christmas tree farm sampler wip by Victoria sampler

jingle bells christmas tree farm sampler wip by Victoria sampler

sorry the pic is a bit small, i have terrible trouble making things fit …

a finish!!

…… but a knitting not an xstitch finish..
This is the first of two scarves i am knitting for Michele

this one is a neckwarmer pattern from Knitchicgrace  called Mari which i extended to a scarf, it is an itty bitty skinny scarf perfect for scarf layering,
it is knitted in a 4ply wool /cashmere blend from The Knittery , currently closed, which was part of my xmas present from sharon… hope you like what i did with it sharon…

4 ply cashmere/wool pattern by knitchicgrace

4 ply cashmere/wool pattern by knitchicgrace

sorry the pic is a bit weird… and not quite the right colour , it is sort of more soft and misty looking

this is the next one to be knitted… Rosebud neck warmer also from knitchicgrace it will be knitted in a lovely colour of jitterbug wool ( from colinette)

i bought 5 balls of alpaca yarn , 3 in 8 ply and 2 in 5 ply …. i am in love with alpacas … i want one for the back yard….