so does this thing work

so here i am…

i really do have trouble with all this stuff…just spent 60 plus minutes trying to understand the blog roll thing and blowing what little remaining brain i had i think…

any way this is my new blog…

it will be about ….wait for it……..


STITCHING!!! who would have thought it, well it was either that or chocolate i spose …

that would have been a good title for the Blog,  Chocolate Coated Diva…

ok i know one of you will have an even better one than that

so anyway i hope you all bear with me over the next few weeks whilst i learn how to drive this  baby properly!!


17 responses to “so does this thing work

  1. I made it and it works!

    Looking forward to seeing what comes next 🙂

  2. cool a comment and it worked…
    well look i can do things if a spend a whole day doing it!!!

  3. Testing…testing…

    Love the flowery look!

  4. Woot. it’s all shiny and new 🙂

  5. Love the new location.
    Do the flowers mean that you are a stitching petal??

  6. lol… yep always been a bit of a petal too.. when i am not being a Diva that is..
    thanks for checking it to make sure it works ladies…
    next big challenge is pictures!!!!

  7. Ooooo… it’s all girly and pretty!

    Yay!! *HUGS!!*

  8. Hello! Congratulations it’s a beautiful new blog – love the flowers!

  9. Oh my, you are blooming! How lovey…wait…no scent! darn, rats….got a mushroom anywhere?

    It took forever to load up but that could be a one time thingie…love your new site …never had a diva on my friends list before…cool!

  10. trying to see if this works. Love the new girly girl look.

  11. Nice!!

    The page took a while to load up for me too but it’s more than likely my ISP rather than the page itself 🙂 Things take a while to get done here you know – lol!

  12. I made it and it looks lovely, the flowers are stunning

  13. Hooray, she’s here!

    Lifting a glass to your new home and hassle-free blogging.

  14. now let’s see if the computer illiterate one can send a message. hehe
    so good to have a rose among so many thorns and the thorns do not refer to anyone who has commented here. sorry Fudgey but with all the picks made by some just couldn’t resist. i’m bad, i know, i’m bad.

  15. I here! I here!

  16. Hello! Love the new home… and so much easier to leave comments too. Must say I am a wordpress fan myself.

    Oh, and didn’t take long to load the page, and I’m on dial up.

  17. Hi Fudgey!
    I’m just testing to see if the new blog likes me (thanks for the link). Oh, I love the flowers and butterfly layout!

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