I got tagged…

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to

ok this will be embarassing as i have mega dorky taste in music, so no laughing, also i doubt people will recognise a lot of them…

i listen to my ipod all the time cept i have a shuffle so there are not 7 i listen too more often than others as such , but i can easily say seven i sing along to ( poor dog has to listen to me sing) my shuffle is growing up to be a nano or some such thing this christmas…

Eva Cassidy… Fields of Gold (Song Bird)

Hallelujah… Jeff Buckley version (Grace)

Drops of Jupiter…Train (live  from The panel..Aus Show)

Special two…Missy Higgins ( The Sound of White)

Angel…. Sarah Mclachlan

I wish i was a Punk Rocker … Sandi Thom

17 again…… Eurythmics…(Peace)

why those songs… not sure and actually i have been playing Fighter ..Christina Aguilera… a lot the last few days too…

but i know why i’ve been playing that…

but i usually hit the back button 2-3 times for Fields of Gold… i just can not get enough of that song and it is pretty much the total opposite of Fighter lol

cathy said something about least favourite songs .. that is easy for me…

ANYTHING by TISM especially as sung by Paul..

do i have the only partner in the world who can sing every TISM song and has a TISM Top and DVD aswell as their entire CD collection…

does anyone apart from me even know who TISM is….


now tagging…

hmmm,  Sue, Vicky, Sonya, Nicky ( if she hasn’t been tagged) Prinn, Kerry, lindy..

umm i am not sure if i sent Prinn my new blog addy .. i had better do that



8 responses to “I got tagged…

  1. Eeep I got tagged
    (I know who TISM is.. I’ve even seen them live)

  2. you knew better than to tag me. lol. i’m the ancient of days around here and probably don’t know any of the groups mentioned. you don’t even want to know what i listen to but i’ll bore you anyway. classical and soundscapes/new age.
    love, love, love Enya.
    see, i warned ya. lol. need all the mellow tunes i can get.

  3. Never heard of TISM! 😉

    I really don’t think I can answer this one – music has disappeared from my life a bit since we’ve been here. We can’t get radio (too many hills), there’s no good music programmes on telly, and certainly no VH1 or MTV. I’ve only bought one CD in the last 2 years!

  4. I have every (or almost every) album by Eva Cassidy, and I love, love, love her Fields of Gold. I, too, have her on my iPod.

  5. Thanks for the tag… as a result, someone has created a blog for me… so now I’m fiddling around with WordPress! As for music, I have no idea who TISM is and my tastes are ecclectic ranging from current rock (I love Nickelback) to classic rock to Enya to any and all classical to jazz to musicals and well, basically anything that requires musical talent. *grin*

    Now I have to go Google TISM and Eva Cassidy… 😉

  6. giggle..
    Sue first.. YOU have BLOG…where…
    and you will LOVE eva cassidy… TISM i doubt it some how

    Karen you are a woman of incredible taste,

    Nicki you need some music in your life.. we don’t have any decent music shows either i only keep up with what is happening by looking at music downloads..sad but true

    Paula I think you would like Eva Cassidy too..
    and there is nothing wrong with Enya.. my Nephews ( 7 and 3 ) adore her, they have always listened to her before bed
    Vicky paul was impressed

  7. I’ve heard of TISM too. (being an aussie girl helps there)

    That Jeff Buckley track is just beautiful. (sigh)

    Thank you, JM!

  8. You tagged me…you know that means I have to post in my blog….oh dear, it has been a while. Got to think this one out, I have this thing for E Clapton, R Stewart, ELO…Ella Fitzgerald, oh dear, I am a mess now! (grin)

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