Some pictures…

This could be interesting i am going to show some stitchy pics

here it goes..

first up is Maggie.. just a recap she is done 1×1 on 28 ct Jobelan.. the fav fabric for me . I worked on Hair this week so no real jaw dropping progress…


next is My Cirques des Cercle..1×1 on 32 ct lugana opalescent Violet Shimmer (SMF) with Vikki Clayton Silks in Inky Depths and Black..

yes i DID do some.. i did some baby black circles…

cirques des cercles

and Finally another floss test on my Patchwork sampler… the pretty varegated silk above the Purple Genie i tested from Colour Streams is a Glissen Gloss Colour Wash Silk in i think the African Sunset.. i am too lazy to get up and walk to the next room sorry..

LOVELY to work with , 1 ply is a bit thinner than the VC and Colourstreams floss but i loved using it…..

i think i will order a few more also the two littlepaler  purple circle things on the right are in Wisteria VC silk

Patchwork Sampler

So i wentt to Stitching Bits and Bobs to find the right colour name for the Colour wash silk, and now i want to order more..

is that a recognised disease .. silk floss buying??

i want to add  Baby’s Breath , Confetti  and flamingo i think next , as well as Dinky Dyes Tutti Fruiti , Madi’s Rose , Argyle , Cabernet ( i need a really dark one for a few patches) as well as a few more Waterlillies.. Baby’s Breath , Grape , Orchid , Fraises Du Boise and African Violets

there now i have them written somewhere i have a hope of remembering to order at least 4 of them soon… I keep losing track..

i need to do the same for the Gloriana’s i still want..

i will stop rabbiting now and go to bed


11 responses to “Some pictures…

  1. Everything looks gorgeous. I amloving the floss choices for your patchwork sampler.
    Where are you getting the colourstreams silks? I had a quick look for them last week I think and didn’t come up with anything. You make then sound so great I want to get some 😀

    Disease? that makes it sound like something that needs a cure.

  2. Fudgey, I LOVE the new blog-the layout & color scheme with the gerbera daisies & butterflies are so pretty. Gerbera’s are my fave. I ordered DD’s Madi’s Rose & am anxiously waiting to get it-I can’t wait to see it IRL. I also can’t believe how much cheaper the prices are @ SB&B.

  3. Ooh, forgot to add that I really like the color choices on the Patchwork sampler. Very striking.

  4. Maggie is always better day after day. She is so lovely.
    I think i have the same disease as you have concerning the floss buying. I don’t know if there is a medecine ….

  5. Love the charts you’re doing and it goes without saying your stitching is awesome. really want to get the patchwork sampler chart. do you know if/or who might carry it in the US? love it so much and the colors you’re using are gorgeous.

  6. Gorgeous colours on the patchwork sampler 🙂 I bet that one’s just as addictive as cercles!

  7. I see that spring is in the air…it seems to agree with you as you have done so much. Just lovely stitching, I can not say just how much I adore all that you are working on at the moment.
    Pobably should keep me nouth closed but… hold off on buying Waterlilies Babys breath…it is part of you know what. There, I have said too much already, now you know one of the colours.

  8. Lovely colours you are choosing for your patchwork sampler. I have VC Wisteria.. gorgeous isn’t it. I have recently caught the silk floss frenzy too. Isn’t it sooo much fun!
    Your Cirques is stitching up great. Since seeing your progress and Vicky’s stitching with Havana, I am tempted to stich Cirques in havana. Yum.
    Btw, your pics in this new blog loaded up faster than I ever got them to on your old one (I’m on dial-up so it was an obvious difference)

  9. Your Cirques is stunning. What a work of art! Someday, I hope to have time to try the silks and some of the designs like Cirques. Meanwhile, I just live vicariously through you!

  10. As always you wip updates just keep gettting better and better. Maggie is looking especially adorable. Love the silkie colours you’ve listed too … i shouldn’t have looked, (lol).

  11. Flamingo is AWESOME!!!!! You are such an enabler, dearie.

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