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i just gave Lindy a conniption i think..

i posted a link on HAED and she nearly passed out on the BB

i showed her a wip pic of another Ink Circles Model i had seen in a webshots album… if you like celtic knots, and flower type blackwork.. you will love THIS  all the details are on the page.. it has a lot of possiblities IMO… good thing it is only in Model stage…

Next is a question… what size Ipod do i need if am going to put books on it.. as in how many GB.. paul is determined my baby is growing up into a big one and we are “discussing” the alternatives atm…

and obviously GB size is an issue so if anyone out there puts books on their ipod or i river etc can you fill me in on size…

I started palying around with Havana waterlillies silk last night…

I had paul’s Mum’s nmae custom done from M-Design’s and i decided in a 40 minute block of time i had to do a bit of stitching on that rather than  play around with putting Elenia Back in the Q snaps straight away…

goodness it stitches up pretty!! i amn stitching it on porcelain opalescent from silkweaver and it is really nice…

 thanks for all the feedback on my Blog, especially from Nic with the info on the improved speed loading up pics, that was interesting


14 responses to “general uninteresting ramblings

  1. JM, I think with iPods you’ll need a larger GB to be able to hold the books. I’ve heard this mentioned amongst my friends that have them.

  2. When is Blackstone Gardens due out and can I have it NOW? I LOVE Celtic Knots and I LOVE blackwork and I’ve got to have it NOW!


    Oh, and on the iPod and books thing… yeah… you need *lots* of space for those.

    Really… can I have it now? PLEASE??? I know I have lots and lots of stuff to stitch but it’s so so so SO perfectly pretty and I’d get to play with SILK and *gush*

    Ok, who’s up for a SAL?

  3. Oh, I so totally LOVE that Blackstone Gardens designs. Don’t tease me. 🙂

    How much space you need for audio books does partly depend on the format of the audios. CD quality mp3s aren’t absolutely enormous. I have 5 GB on my mp3 player and that lets me have a good variety of music, a couple of books and a couple of Doctor Who audio dramas.

    You might well need more space than that, but hopefully it gives you a ballpark figure.

    Of course, having typed all that, I realise I know nothing about the iPod file formats as I’ve never used on so I may have just told you a lot of pointless rubbish. 🙂

    Hope you get it sorted out.

  4. no you didn’t Kerry..
    i am not sold on the new 5th generation Ipod Apul reckon’s i need d
    from reviews and i may well be getting an I river clix i think it is called instead so all info is useful… only problem will be Apul can get the Ipod at a big discount as they have a deal with our education department

  5. ‘fraid I can’t help you with the ipod, don’t know anything about them – but that celtic knotwork! OMG! I Looooove celtic knotwork … thud!

  6. I’ve got an old 20gig ipod and it is not big enough anymore. I think I saw that Apple have an 80 gig one these days (That’ s gonna be my next ipod when I have money- hahaha – or maybe Joel will have pity on me and buy me one for Christmas, got to start hinting now!)

  7. No help on the iPod size sorry. I’m don’t think I’m even speaking the same language… when you mentioned books I was thinking ebooks. Duh! Although I do know that ebooks compare in size to an mp3, somehow I don’t think that is helpful.

    Jury is still out on Blackstone Gardens. I love the celtic knotwork, but am not sure about the floral blackwork. Now if that blackwork was celtic as well…. well then I’d be doing a Sue 🙂

  8. PS. For those who like celtic knotwork and just because I’m mean check out this page.

  9. I had a 4th gen 40 gig iPod and I had nothing but audiobooks on it and then I filled it! But I got A LOT of books on there. Like, probably 70ish books. I had burned them all from CD at pretty low quality, which means that it takes up less memory. I wouldn’t recommend doing that for music, but with spoken word the quality doesn’t really matter that much. Now I have a 5th generation 60gig that I LOVE:) but it’s filling up fast too!

    By the way, I also love blackstone gardens… I’m going to have to start thiniking about colours… *sigh* silks are going to bankrupt me!

  10. I’ve picked must self up off the floor!
    As if, I really needed another must have and must stitch chart in this lifetime.

    I’m an Ipod tragic,
    I have a 20gb, 3rd generation, which is full, attached to speakers in the kitchen.
    A shuffle in my handbag
    and a nano, full of podcasts, attached to speakers in the bedroom.
    Get the biggest you can, as you will find lots of things to down load.

  11. I love that design! I’m in on a SAL Sue… I’ll just add it to the ever growing wips pile that I am never going to finish lol.

    As for the ipod… I have a 60Gig ipod video and I love it. Not so great at the gym though but you will still haev your shuffle for that. The thing to remember with the larger ones is that they are still using hard drive technology so lots of sudden shocks are bad for them. Only an issue if you are jogging with them though. As for audio books I am not sure I have found them too costly for me to actually get a hold of any :(.
    I did put over 1400 photos on my ipod though while we were in canada which was very handy. It also holds our entire cd collection of over 600 cds so we have a backup if they ever get stolen.

  12. Love the Blackstones Garden blackwork chart. want to get it if i can. thanks for the heads up Fudgey.

  13. my hubby has a 4gig ipod nano that we’ve been using to listen to audiobooks downloaded from… i just checked his itunes, which says that the 21 sections of 6 books (all unabridged, 4 of them robert jordan books, which are immense) are 6.3 days in length, and 2.06 GB in size. we usually only have 2 books on the ipod, but also keep quite a bit of music on it… moral of the story is, they don’t really take up that much space, at least in the format offers (which appears to be mp3). 😀

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