while we are in the middle of an enable fest

… that is what has been happening right?? now people are putting links to more stash enhancement possibilities in my comments section..

BAD Nic!!!!


do you all get the stitchinspiration newsletter with freebie links including ones ONLY for newsletter subscribers??

and if so does that mean you have all seen the 2 new releases???

Stitchinspiration new releases 

and the new Freebies?? plus there is a third freebie if you are a newsletter subscriber..

 i really like Diamond Looking Glass….

but i don’t need any more enticement i can feel a group SAL coming on with Blackstone garden.. too many people i know love it…

now onto important matters at hand..

which one do you like bestest of all out of these…..

Kimono fae 1    kimon fae 2 peachy pink fae

 and FYI Lindy is awesome… she just sent me the most amazing package i will not say everything in there cos it is just overwhelming and i need to come to terms with one of the things she sent me…

Lindy you spoil me beyond all belief i am just stunned atm…

and too embarassed to mention all the pressies online…


14 responses to “while we are in the middle of an enable fest

  1. Me? Bad? I don’t know what you are talking about 😉
    As to your RR choices above, I quite like the 1st one.

  2. it’s a pleasure to trick, spoil and surprise you
    you do so much for all of us!

  3. I love all three
    the ballerina is my fave.

  4. But since you mentioned bad, check out
    Under the Book of Kells there are gorgeous illuminated letters and under celtic there is a great alphabet 🙂

  5. Yay! How wonderful is Lindy, congrats Fudgey and well deserved too I’m sure.

    As for rrobin, I like both the 1st and the 3rd samples. I like the layout in the 1st and colours in the 3rd. I don’t like the 2nd one though (I probably shouldn’t have sent it. Something about the overall wider and shorter shape just seens a bit off to me).

  6. All I can say on the topic of blackwork is ****la la la I’m not listening anymore***

    As for the layouts, that’s my fave Nadia QS….but…… I think you should go with the CC Kuik one.

    I’m not very helpful, I’ve been winding floss onto bobbins for 3 days now and I have bobbinitis!

  7. You guys sure got up to a lot while I waas off trying not to kill students this afternoon.
    Fudgey I think it is a choice between 1 and 3. I personally like 1 but I know how much you adore 3. So really I am not much help at all 😀

  8. Blackstone! Blackstone! Blackstone! Blackstone!


    RR Pics… hmmm… I like 1 and 3… and of those two… hmmm… the mature Sue likes the mermaid… the girly part of me says go with the ballerina. So, go with your mood!!

    Well done, Nancy!!

    And well done Lindy on spoiling Fudgey!!

  9. Lindy thank you for spoiling Fudgey with all those wonderful goodies.
    Fudgey, it’s a hard choice between the 3 so can only get it down to 2. #1 and #3.
    Nancy does awesome fragmenting. she is one talented lady.

  10. Oh go on, tell us what Lindy sent you! It’s fun seeing what you get 🙂

    I like 1 best, but they all work.


  11. I definitely vote for number 1!
    And I’m in for a blackstone gardens SAL! Now, how long do I have until the chart comes out?

  12. #1 is my favourite but #3 is really cute too. Totally up to you though, which one would you really like hanging on your wall at the end of the RR?

    And I should really stop clicking on those very bad enabling links that you all keep providing!

  13. Hi sweetie, got hold of a computer today…so if you arestill collecting votes, I go for the bolder brighter colours = more contrast and fun so it has to be #1 for me. Hey, that was an easy question for me this time, I usually hem and haw for days….
    They are all pretties so whatever your heart says, do it.

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