to answer Nicki’s question

ok.. i have recovered from the shock..

Lindy was sending me the Foursome reel chart as she had ordered one for herself  and as i had ordered us the Patchwork Sampler and her another Houtman chart from Europe ( euros are scary) she was sending me one… cool i thought.. we are even

BUT she also sent Rose Markie

and Hearts Content Splendour 15 which i had coveted for ages but had dismissed as it was in a kit and plus postage .. it was just too much.. but she had a friend stitch it so i got the second hand pattern…Yayyyyyyy … talk about cool..

then came the over whelming bit for me..

i have tried for ages to get a Molly harrison original , and the treasure sent me one as a treat AND the #6 card in the caron Vinson ACEO range which only has 6 ACEO’s in it so far and thanks to lindy i now own 4 of the 6 ..

so you can see why i was in shock…

People must stop sending me gifts.. my owing to list is enormous and i fear i will never repay everyone in this lifetime.

Do you now how hard it is to type with a cat on your arm…

I started letting Beetle back in this room i have to watch her with the cords ( she chews them) but having her pressed against the window in the door with her littl paws trying to reach the handle crying was breaking my heart..

she has taken to sitting on the desk next to the keyboard laying on my arm… its hard work typing under those circumstamces.. hs ealso sits on the keyboard and wrecks my settings and sens stufff and changes pages when i don’t want to..

BUT she isn’t crying anymore and is happy so… she is the one who is most mummy’s girl.. she is a prickly little soul who does not like huggles and scritches for more than few seconds and only when she asks.. but she is always with me whatever room i am in .. just near by keeping me company she  gets pushed around a fair bit by fudgey too.. Fudge is the boss even though she is younger.. she is a lot smarter than beetle


9 responses to “to answer Nicki’s question

  1. You don’t owe anything missy.
    We send you goodies because we love you and want to spoil you!

  2. I agree with Lindy… what’s this owing to list ?
    I think you should burn it 😀

    And lindy you sent wonderful gifties to miss fudgey

  3. Lindy – beautiful gifts! Such fun to shock our stitching diva! 🙂

    I agree with Vicky – you should burn that owing to list 🙂

  4. What beautiful gifts Lindy sent you. Lindy is a very sweet lady. burn the iou list. we love sending you goodies and don’t expect return presents.
    have Rose Markie but haven’t started it yet. it’s a lovely chart.
    enjoy all the beautiful gifts from Lindy!!!

  5. Hiya Sweetie!! Isn’t Rosemarkie lovely, I’ve drooled over that one for ages. And that Ink Circles one is stunning!!! I found another on VC’s site too, that I think I must just have. I’m hopeless!

  6. Wonderful gifts Lindy!

    Fudgey, what’s this with an iou list? Be warned, if you ever tried to start “paying people back” you might just start an all out war 😉

  7. Fudgey, everyone gets tons of pleasure from giving the gifts to you since you’re so deserving of them all. No IOU lists allowed!

  8. I think Zoe is finally growing out of her chewing on cords stage. She also seems to have grown out of attacking my feet every time they twitch!

  9. I haven’t tried it because my cats have also seemed to outgrow the cord chewing stage, but I read somewhere that rubbing soap on the cords will keep the cats from chewing them.

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