I am allowed to have IOU lists


right got that off my chest..

you all know i will do what i want when i want to and you can’t really stop me if i choose to spoil you back..

what you all have to understand is i get as much back just by doing stuff for you on the BB etc it makes me feel useful..

don’t often feel that way anymore…

and it is important to feel useful otherwise one tends to turn to pointless mush…

one of the reasons the ED union had so much trouble getting me to concede and sue the department was cos i was frightened of turning to pointless mush..

so you all stop that from happening..

 see no gifts required you gift  me everyday

so double there… ( and pokes her tongue out)

so a question…

does anyone know how much this chart costs… without having to email the designer.. Hommage to Houtman i don’t understand why the price isn’t on the site… whilst your there check out her freebies if you are not familiar with her work… good little designs for needlebooks etc…


i can’t work out how to put blog things in here… **pout**

i had a cool one on intuition..

oh well off to eat chocolate.. yummy haigh chocolate..

i love how people keep sending me haigh chocs..

and pauly has a list for whilst he is in Sydney ( Haigh, lush..you know the essentials for life as i know it)

12 responses to “I am allowed to have IOU lists

  1. girls who pout
    poke their tongue out,
    will be smacked
    their Haighs choccies taken away!
    so there missy!!!

  2. lol i get laughed at when I pout.. and made fun of.

    We couldn’t have you turning into a pile of goo I would be tempted to poke at you with a stick 😀

  3. LOL! You make me laugh! Which is by far the best gift. So, see, IOU for gifting me with laughter today! 🙂

  4. Don’t worry fudgey, we understand 🙂 Besides, we all love giving each other gifts and then getting pouty when we get them in return, it’s what makes the gift wars so much fun. Especially as people can’t get mad at you if the really like their gift 😀

    We all like feeling usefull too. If you want to be extra useful… want to write my thesis for me? 🙂

  5. Btw, that design. Don’t you know, anything that doesn’t have a price tag is free 🙂

  6. When I was in college and a little gift was given, it was called a “happy.” Maybe that is a good name for a little gift because it makes the giver and the recipient happy. For sure, Dear One, you make us all happy. Hugs.

  7. I think of gifting as sending a hug… and those aren’t meant to be kept on a list – just given and received as whims take you. *HUGS!*

    A pile of pouting Fudgey goo would be fun to play with… although I’d also poke at it to see if I could make it laugh. 😉

  8. Love the idea of calling gifts happys.
    Fudgey you can poke your tongue out but we can still keep sending you happys too.
    thanks for the link.
    have a beautiful day.

  9. Pout all you want and stick out that tongue…I am too far away and unless you have a camera…nahnah nah nahnahnah!
    There now, that felt good.
    (big evil grin back at ya)

  10. Its $25 us sweetie and guess what? Yeps, I got it in my greedy little hands! And I ordered fabric!

  11. Thats not fair Cole you are teasing me …**pout**
    does she take paypal….
    and are you doing it in silks??

  12. Yep, she takes PayPal and I am doing it in silks, VC to be precise!

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