lusting list take 2

well lets see if i can keep this one alive and not make it evaporate

in no particular order and no running commentary this time sorry

 i like

Pollyanna’s Lamplighter Knot Garden

ok a little comment… it is sort of Just nan meets chatelaine with the better features of each ie smaller size intricate design, cool lamps

Stacey’s Summer Garden Gate dragonflies.. nuff said

Black Lace … I NEED this one

Sweetheart Sewing Case ,…Need this one too

Seanicorn Family  .. we all know i have a thing about seahorses

if i liked needlepoint.. little heart patchwork Bag it comes a s a cushion too if you click on the link on the page

there was something else but i can’t find it now…


Amy Brown has a new website.. sort of more grown up Amy fae folk..

 Amy Brown Collection

i must by me some Amy art i have 2 cards people sent me but nuffink else… i love her impish pixie faces.. i like my art to be fairly fae like in the fantasy realm, but i guess you folk had already worked that out

having said that i really like these moon face girls too.. Wee Cottage

one day i will actually win some of her art on ebay i keep being out bid.. i  know some of you won’t like them cos they are what i think you mean when you describe artwork as Cartoonish.. but i like them

there was another chart somewhere i wanted to mention but now i can’t dredge it up from the recesses of my mind..

oh well..

next blog will be about needing green silks..

i have to go a hunting.. well damn, we all know how much i hate hunting silks..


14 responses to “lusting list take 2

  1. Like I needed another must have… Black Lace is gorgeous! So when and where can we buy it?

  2. So does that mean I have to order 2 Pollyanna’s? LOL. I must have missed Black Lace…very nice!

  3. Sharon answered you via email..
    Nic the only place i know is dessins

    reckon you will have to cut and paste that link and it is a dangerous place to play

    isn’t it wonderful

  4. I love Pollyanna and Black Lace,
    so much for trying to be good
    and not look!

  5. Dang, Fudgey you done did it again!!! love Stacey’s Summer Garden Gate, Pollyanna, and to die for Black Lace. you’re getting me into sooooooo much trouble girl.

  6. noooooo – shouldn’t have looked. I told someone on Friday I didn’t much like tapestry and then you show me all those gorgeous needlepoint designs! LOL! I LOVE that bag. Oh my. Would have to be the bag, not the cushion. But would I ever get round to stitching it and making it up? Probably not but I’ve saved the link just in case!

  7. Oh double no! I looked further and they’re cross stitch on canvas, which I love doing….. help! ROFL…

  8. You’re right, Dessins is a very dangerous place to play. But thanks for the link 🙂

  9. *drool*
    Ok I will pick myself off the floor now and add Black Lace to my wish list… who would of thought I would like something called “black lace”

  10. Stacey’s Summer Garden Gate, Pollyanna, Black Lace, omg why did you post these! I now need to add these to my must have or else list! How can you stand it? …must now go and find a large beach towel to wipe the drool off the floor! (grin)

  11. Oh sure… I go away for a weekend and you post all sorts of pretty things! I just love Black Lace… are we gonna do a SAL for that one, too? (She asks in her most innocent voice.)

    I have *lots* of green silks Fudgey… you want to come get them? 😉

  12. Love the Pollyanna”s – which designer is it?

    Thanks – Sandi

  13. Black lace is just stunning–that would be a fun one to work on!(It’s Kim/disneyfan91 by the way)

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