Samplers warrior chicks and such

I have been playing around with my Patchwork Sampler and colours and i need i think to buy a green or two..

looking at the pic below the colours used are top left hand corner

Colourwash silk in African Sunset, next to that VC silk in cherry blossom , next row down Colour streams Purple Genie and below that Gloriana Periwinkle ( which is stunning IRL), and the little motifs below the African sunset are in VC Dark Wisteria

there is a strip of the design runs down from the Cherry blossom past /through the purple genie and i think it needs a green to set it off nicely. I have some purples with green through them but they don’t look right to me and annoyinly i can’t find a VC one i want .. annoying cos i do have a list of VC ones to buy i am hunting greens minty greens and aqua greens..of course the bestest ones i can see are all the spensive ones..

patchwork sampler

Next, i love this Warrior Chick from Nicole Cadet, The Black Guard  i like the haughty expression on her face and the way she holds herself, and just cos i clicked on the next link on the page, mainly because it said Amythesta Mermaid i really like her too

did i mention how much i liked Periwinkle from Gloriana… it is YUMMY i want to do a whole sampler of Periwinkle.. on a really dark fabric.. YUMMMMMM

 edited to add..

i remembered the THINK i wanted to talk about the other day..i read about this on the Vikki Clayton forum..bad evil enabling place

and i would love to brave enough to preorder price unknown.. but i could spend my entire christmas club money on a book if i did that

i soo want to make some.. knitted silk… perfect..droolworthy infact

Tokens of Love Quaker Pinballs

oh and Nicki you were meant to say silly girl why would you want to stitch a patchwork bag.. not start making sounds like it was a good idea.. i am more than capable of distracting myself without your voice in my head….


3 responses to “Samplers warrior chicks and such

  1. Love your patchwork sampler so is soo pretty!!and love your color choices so far….you are having way too much fun playing with the pretty silks!! hugfs…Judy

  2. LOL!

    Like that Nicole Cadet too – wonder if Kerry will chart her?…..

  3. The purple genie and periwinkle are beauuuuutiful. my favs. also like the black guard chart. tried to comment last nite and the puter froze up so that took care of that.
    you sure have some gorgeous silks going on Fudgey, that’s all i can say. you go girl!!!

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