Elenia Update

here she is .. and no i don’t know why you can only see one side of her… at least you can see most of the side i worked on…i just made my brain explode trying to do a clickable thumb.. less said about that the better.. i am a computer fool just proved it i think

slow but steady and all that, i lost a day frogging, now most would expect that would happen in the single stitch areas like the jewels or the feathers, NO not me i had one highlight stitch in the bodice.. was 1 stupid stitch out, it threw the whole line further along out which i didn’t pick up so about 800 stitches later when i reached the bottom row and the next floating highlight stitch top discover i was out of whack.. so my lesson is i am better and single stitch sections .. maybe it is because i can’t count past 10 ( being blonde and all)

at least i only had 3 colours in biggish blocks to frog not masses of single stitches so from that point of view it wasn’t bad



6 responses to “Elenia Update

  1. She looks lovely!

    As for counting past 10… well, there’s an easy way to fix that… just park! How do you think this blonde gets around counting past 10? 😉


  2. Well, I could see all of her on Bloglines, but there’s only half of her here. Weird. But she looks fabulous! 🙂

  3. Is this your new way of taunting Sue with one eyed beauties?
    She looks wonderful, sorry about the froggies

  4. Don’t fret dearest, it happens to the best of us and i will bet my bottom dollar that some redheads and brunets have a hard time counting to ten as well. (Now us grey haired folk…well, if we make it past 5 it is a great day) 😉

    She is looking lovely!

  5. Looks like you have been busy. Great work 🙂

    About only seeing half. It’s probably got something to do with image width and column width not matching. It will cut off then rather than resize. I will give you a hand with that html stuff when I have finished my wicked thesis

  6. Fudgey she’s gorgeous. sorry about the frogging we can all sympathize. can hardly wait to see her finished. have to agree with Sonya on the gray haired thing. (sigh)

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