a scary insight into my thought processes

so did you all run away ??

firstly just a spot or two of enabling..

here is finished model of that amazing Blackstone Garden by Ink Circles Sue do you need resusitating? are yo65u 836++++ ( that was beetle walking across the keyboard i think she tried to say hello)

so i think when that is released it is an essential.. there is a new model in the wip stage as well it is a xstitch one with all motifs done in purples!!!

I have had a finish.. but i can’t show you until tomorrow sorry when the person receives it… ( lindy watch your mail!!!!!!!!) Yes you read right I…ME…FUDGEY…. had a finish, bet you didn’t know it was possible!

right my daily thought loop..

1 bit of my brain… DECIDE DAMN IT

nother bit of my brain… but i can’t, i like them all, i want to stitch Kimono mermie fae, and i want to stitch Peachy Pink fae, and I want to ask nancy to segment Sea breeze, and i want to look at Blue in the Wind..

1 bit of Brain.. stop being a baby and choose one of the ones you have

3rd bit of brain.. well you could do one for new start SAL

nother bit of brain.. ohhh thats an idea.. i could start sea breeze..

1 bit of brain..ahem.. the next  start  after Mags and Pixie is Pink Braids NO queue jumping

nother bit of brain.. but but

third bit of brain.. of course if you hold out long enough HAED might release those JBG’s you think are there somewhere OR venus Driad from Annie Rodrigue…

1 Bit of brain.. STOP IT make a decision, STOP looking at charts

Nother bit of brain.. ok i will do peachy Pink

Nother Bit of Brain.. no no i’ll do kimono butterfly mermie….

1 bit of Brain.. Right Thats settled

Nother Bit of brain.. Sea Breeze and Kitty Moon fae are sooo pretty

third bit of brain… wouldn’t that Kimono Mermaid look good all stitched.. start her for the new start SAl..

1 bit of Brain AAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH i will make you just go back to the start and do red dream Angel if you don’t pull yourself together..

nother bit of brain ( deliberatley ignoring first bit of brain).. hey third bit what did you say about JBG.. you know Sugar Plum would be awesome….

Third bit of Brain.. I know it would all that colour

SEE i have no hope i might just have to give up and do nothing at this rate

10 responses to “a scary insight into my thought processes

  1. Ooooooh, I’m excited,
    have you stitched me a man to wash my windows
    a man to make me cups of tea and do my ironing,
    my brain is in overload pondering this.
    I will now pounce upon my postie!

    The Blackwork link is a fabulous JBG ACEO,
    that could be Fudgey in her halloween ensemble!

  2. oh no ii was multi tasking and i obviously stuffed uo i had links going every where, links for samples gallery, links for BB, links for blog.. see BIMBO..
    will fix it now
    think you will be disappointed if you are expecting a new man in the parcel i sent….

  3. Oh oh oh oh OOOOOOOOH!!

    I want I want I want!

    *bounces around with glee*

    Love the look into your mental process… do you mutter to yourself, too? I do that all the time and my girls look at me and usually just wait until I finish my conversation with myself before interrupting.


    Oh, and we’re not starting the RR without you… so you’re going to HAVE to make a decision, dahlink. 😉

  4. You make decisions as well as me 😉
    *hugs* I feel your pain. As for the new start SAL… spoil yourself . I am 🙂 and it’s not like I need another start I don’t even have time to work on the ones thaat sit languishing wiating for my attention now.
    RR… ask Nancy to segment sea breeze if your not going to be starting her for the new start SAL that is *ducks*

  5. You could put everything in a hat (well, pieces of paper with their names on) and draw out the winner. I’d give you my usual philosophy – if you can’t choose do/get them both – but that doesn’t work with a RR 😉

  6. Ok brain, here is a thought, do a piece with parts of all of them, sort of a collage…nope would not work (sigh) see, my brain is not any better.

  7. Don’t know if voting is allowed but if we are my vote is for Pink Braids. she’s so pretty and it is one of your favorite colors Fudgey. however, if a new JBG ACEO should be released, that would take precedence.
    as far as Blackstone Garden is concerned it’s an absolute must for me as well. so many prettys so little time…..
    Lindy can hardly wait to see your present, but it’s got to be gorgeous and for a well deserving person too.

  8. I’m going to be no help at all! Love your choices and whichever one you start will be just beautious! Thanks for the giggle!

  9. Fudgling sweetie, did that post hurt your brain? I must be having a blond moment b/c I had to read it 3x!

  10. I am wondering which part of your brain will win out. I, too, talk or mutter to myself and DH says “what did you say?”..just talking to myself….it made my brain hurt to read your brain’s wonderings….good luck on a decision..hugs

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