so a number of you worried i had hurt my brain typing up a snippet of my thought processes…. thats the reason i stopped when i did when typing it, my brain was totally confuzzled as to what part was operating when i had to eat chocolate and stitch after it to recombobulate

i bought some wool yesterday.. had no intention of doing so it just leapt uncontrollabley into my cart.. true i had emailled the wool lady about how many skeins she had of a certain yummy wool and she emailled me back so i’m not sure how unintentional it was…

Thick and thin Chunky Wool Lavender

isn’t it pretty i am going toknit myself a blankie/lap rug/shawly  type of thing and THIS time i won’t let the girls steal it.. they have procured the last few i have knitted

whilst you are looking at wool there..

notice that she has posmerino .. how cool is that.. possum fur is really warm as it is hollow so it has good thermal qualities

i wonder if i could wear it.. i can’t wear angora it gives me asthma big time

I also succumbed to Lindy’s badgering about the beautiful and intriguing Tokens of Love Pinkeep book and ordered it didn’t have to pay yet as it isn’t due for release until December so i can just pretend it didn’t happen for a

i had a finish as i said the other day but i stil can’t do the picture of the finished piece.. i can’t download it from my phone.. i always hav awful trouble making it work here is the pre fobbinating of the pice

letter L fob

it was stitched on a 36 count silkweaver solo 1×1 with purkle fred gloriana silk it is from Splendour 15 alphabet ( hearts content) which Lindy sent me last week

i think that is it..

i don;;’t think i have ordered anything norty..

i have to scan my patchwork sampler again as i tested the gumnut silks .. they are lovely to stitch with will definately be buying moreand i have a pathetic amount of snow pixie to scan.. so the next blog entry will have pics, i should also have made a decision on a few chart issues giggle


10 responses to “musings

  1. Such yummy yarns, the colours….how can you pick just one. I love the soundof the Possum wool, I think it would be oh so snuggly!
    How can you leave me hanging like this…not fair! Pout!

  2. Now missey, what is this about charts…..double pout!

  3. Oh man! Fudgey, what are you doing to me! I just had to click on the wool link didn’t I. Now I want some wool too darn it! They have some of the most yummiest colours I’ve ever seen. Now I want to crochet a nice warm blankie for those cold nights whilst watching TV … norty Fudgey! I don’t even have time to knit (who am I kidding, I barely even know how, lol) … going to bookmark that link though – thanks!

  4. Love the perkle Fred. the gift you made Lindy is beautiful. must be gorgeous as a fob.
    allergic to wool so not tempted by it. must admit haven’t heard of possum wool before. though i can knit not a very advanced knitter and truly prefer crocheting. that said, love to see other people’s projects. right now trying to be good. yeah, right.
    congratulations on your gift to Lindy and lindy congratulations on receiving such a beautiful gift.

  5. Love the “L” in Purkle Fred! And possum fur yarn… I wonder how they harvest it? Around here, when they harvest fur from bunnies I’ve seen it done two ways: 1: they clip the bunny or 2: I’ve actually seen someone with a bunny in their lap spinning directly from the bunny. The bunny didn’t seem to mind it. Can’t imagine sitting with a possum in my lap, though… those buggers get BIG!

    Way too much rambling for me… it’s bedtime!


  6. Yep, I’m a badgering princess with a fabulous fob!

  7. I so love those colors! You are the most devious enabler ever to live on this planet! hehe. I also love the fob piece above-can’t wait to see the finished fob.

  8. Hurt your brain? I don’t think so- you are much too bright!

    I so want to see patchwork- this one has me drooling

  9. I love the purples in that yarn–it will make a lovely blanket!

  10. kwc2003 is me, Kim/disneyfan91 in case you’re wondering 🙂

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