another take 2

hmph… no matter how i tried i could not redize my pics once they were in the post.. and i cut them in half again.. so here is take 2 with small and hopefully pics that fit.. otherwise i am going to link..

you will now miss most of my sparkling

snowpixie is first, with a little kitty mouth now to go with the button nose


next in line is cerques des cercles..

cirques des cercles

and finally my patchwork sampler, the section i want to highlight this week is the lovley deep pink bit intertwined with GrapeVine from Vikki Clayton.. it is colour 58 …sweet pea colour range

it is a Gumnut threads Star Silk and it is lovley to stitch with, and the colours are awesome, i ordered some more this morning there is a link to a big page with all the colours well previewed

i think i gavbe Sharon a skein to look at too for her Birthday.. i think,, i got confuzzled as to which ones to give her…

patchwork sampler

damn just checked it and there is still a bit cut off the patchwork sampler… sigh….

here is the link as well Patchwork Sampler


13 responses to “another take 2

  1. Kitty looks most upset that you did not devote all your stitching time to her! She looks like she has a thing or two to say (giggle) Actually I love the expression on her face, just like a Princess Kitty!
    Lovely work my dear! Everything screams temptation to me, the silks, colours….oh my!

  2. lol… she looks mortified to be on the same page as other stitching IMO.. something very fudgey (the cat as opposed to the Kat)about her expression.. my fudgey often loks that way whe the DOG is in HER sunroom

  3. Love the kitty
    Love the circles
    Love the patchwork.
    Oh goody, more silks!
    You are such a good enabler.

  4. Pixie is just adorable and the patchwork is simply amazing.

    Definitely an enabler, I am going to work in silk

  5. Love the kitty of course, it’s so pretty with 1 eye, nose and mouth. Those circles just get lovlier and lovlier and as for the patchwork sampler (faint).
    all looks gorgeous Fudgey.

  6. That kitty looks very irritated 🙂 Great stitching as usual. Your Cirques is gorgeous and I love all your playing with the colours in your patchwork

  7. Kitty is definitely saying “My space, My space!” She is quite the princess and where is her crown?

    Cirques is BLUE and is to die for… and your patchwork is yummy! Did you shop for greens yet?


  8. lol…
    kitty does look like she needs a little tiara…

    Sue i ordered 1 green from Gumnut silks today.. when Vikki C comes back from whence she is going at the end of the week i will spend more money on silks.. then gear up for another gloriana splurge… the greens i really want are there..OF COURSE

  9. Your kitty eye is so beautiful !! I love it !!!

  10. WOWZERS!! Beautiful stitching lady, love that eye and well cirques is just stunning and the other WOW! You are amazing my dear!

  11. You do such lovely work. The colors are great and I love the variety in the pieces 🙂

  12. You can get glorianas at stitching bits and bobs for $4.05 USD.

  13. Fantabulous stitching as always. That cerques des cercles is turning out particularly stunningly, I just love it 🙂

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