I am a tragic


i am looking at audio books.. planning ahead for when i have my mega big ipod thingy..

yeah yeah i know that is like … whimper… three months away

and what got me excited when i saw they were available..

some deep meaningful insightful novel about the world and its woes..some amazing classic about un requited love ……………. no what got me excited was seeing Agatha christie novels…. i think they would be perfect for stitching too as i could pretty much write the synopsis for every one of them ever released, so it would be like watching CSI reruns and stitching i could get distracted with a few detail stitches and not lose the plot.. so tospeak..

so there you have it.. i am a true dag , what you need more proof.. what di i then think of.. i wonder if enid blyton books are available…how cool would it be stitching to the Magic faraway tree, or my fav the nortiest girl in the school series…

I am pretty happy all my fav authors are there.. i can see me getting addicted to this especially with the crap tv we have in north west tasmania.. i think we are the last place in australia without access to digital tv even… and i will never convince paul we need austar until there is no cricket on free to air TV…. sigh

on the sttiching front i had a non model day.. i needed to relax.. and i had a gift to stitch and i want to do some patchwork sampler.. an angel sent me some lovely silks..

that would be the sonya variety of angel i know… she sent me a pile of Waterlillies in yummy colours.. of course they have been beside me for 2 days and no when i go to type up the names i have put them away… typical, there was baby’s breath, african sunset,  peach something.. , sunset, hmmm i can see the other ones in my mind but the names are not coming.. sorry

i am not going to be thanking people on the BB anymore.. apparently that causes problems and proves that favourites are played… so my thankyous will be private or on here

and i ask anyone i give gifts to to do the same please, it sucks but such is life

and on that point.. the adorable Paula sent me a print of my portrait feelin Girly by Stacey Tippen, i am pretty stoked about that too, i have emailled Prinn asking her what she sees as the appropriate frame as this print will definately be framed, Hugs paula, you really are a treasure

and to finish just in case you haven’t seen it, the latest update in the Purple Sampler thingy from Ink circles the model stitcher has posted her second wip..

Purple Sampler Thingy

i know.. its purple, its a motif sampler.. its Ink Circles.. i’m in trouble…


12 responses to “I am a tragic

  1. i actually did well remembering the waterlillies the precious Sonya sent me
    baby’s breath
    peach melba
    African Sunset

  2. Audio books are adictive,
    I recently bought ‘winnie the pooh’ and I love it!
    Sonya is a good woman to send you some waterlillies,
    what a great gift
    from a great woman.

  3. Fudgey – I have just started listening to audio books while I stitch. I get them out from the Libraries I belong too. I love them. I have to have head phones otherwise there are to many distractions. I have cordless headphones so I listen to a book while I iron too. DH is a big Audio book fan for when he is driving his truck.

  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lindy Winnie the Pooh would be so cool..
    he is going on my wish list most definately

    annette its great to have you post here!

  5. So happy to be able to feed the “fondle need” (grin)you did deserve it and you are a good friend too.
    I totally understand about the posting on the BB issues…I have been asking people to not post as well because it causes problems of the “green monster” variety. Besides that I get embarassed.
    Audio books, love em too. I bought some Stuart McLean…Vinyl Cafe…don’t know if you get them there but they crack me up. Definately do not want to drink coffe while listening to him! Way too funny.
    I am in love with the new sampler…you are not alone JM. I think we are all in deep deep deep trouble with this one!

    hugs to all

  6. Agatha Christie is one of my favourites and I too could probably write the synopsis too. I have done the audio book thing- it would be waaay too expensive, I would have no control

  7. another big Agatha C fan signing in. There are some fabulous recordings of her books out there. Hmm, I think I better add some to my next listen list too.

  8. WOW! Love the purple sampler…of course! Guess I will start collecting purple silks!;) I haven’t tried the audio books but have always thought it would be nifty and probably quicker than reading a book..imagine you can stitch and “read” at the same time..that’s cool!

    Judy in las Vegas

  9. I love audiobooks too… Did you see in the iTunes music store this week, there’s a free audiobook? It’s The Power of One… I would have been stoked if I hadn’t already bought it a couple of months ago. D’oh!

  10. Those flosses sound yummy and a good silks fondle is good for the spirit. Sonya is a very sweet lady.
    too bad about the green monsters.
    love that purple sampler thingy.
    another Agatha Christie fan here.love Jane Marple, she’s my favorite. go to sleep at night watching the dvd’s or when i need a feel good moment. also love the Midsomer Murder mystery series. watch them a whole lot. just a big mystery buff.
    here’s to good days and sweet dreams.
    So glad you love your print, it had to be yours.

  11. *hums the Winnie the Pooh theme*

    I grew up watching all the Agatha Christie shows on Mystery! with my Grandma and Aunt… love those stories! (Also did all the Sherlock Holmes, too!)

    I can just hear you doing a Vicky “Squeeee!” when you start filling up your new toy with audiobooks!!


  12. I’ve been humming Winnie The Pooh all day! At least you’re not in trouble alone with the Purple Sampler. I’m in trouble too! It’s just too good a chance to pass up, all those purples in one place…

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