Congee and Patchwork sampler..

yum yum yum…

last week ifinally convinced paul that i should cook congee, i had made the fatal error when i first decided i wanted to make it of not just reading out the uingredients, instead i told him what it was first, so saying sort of like a rice porridge made him go blech and he closed his ears to the ingredients, now normally if i start to read ingredients and i say , rice, stock, fresh ginger,onion star anise… he would have already said yes..

So anyway last week after a suitable gap and he had forgotten i had ever said the word Congee ( there are some benefits to him being more of a space cadet than me) i tried again and i had success this time..

so bravely adapting a non slow cooker recipe to the slow cooker for the first time i made Pork Congee..

a simple recipe from Hot Food a murdoch books book we cook a lot of recipes out of… we also cook a lot of recipes out of Bowl food and   Cool food.. but i really want the grownup versions of all the Marie Claire and Donna Hay Recipe books which are in a similar vein food style wise but way nicer books and recipes Top of the list is Marie Claire Hot , though Marie Claire Luscious and marie Claire Zest were not easily parted with last year as a gift to Pauls sister for xmas, nor was Donna Hays Off The Shelf … now thats what I call a cool xmas present

Spose some of you are wondering what congee is …. here is the Wikipedia explanation i want some of the correct rice now… oh and it is nicer the next day..

I have not been able to get my head around stitching singlke stitches in the past foew days so i had a break from both my models and played around with a gift for someone and my patchwork sampler..

need peoples opinions.. do you think the green i chose to sttich is the righ one or do i need to go a shade or two lighter OR a bit more like Tropical Seas or Jewel Turquoise or even Spring Garden… all from Gloriana.. no i do not own any of these also like Monet’s pond Green So anyway here is the pic , i would be greatful for any opinions i like it just not sure i like it a LOT…

also added in is the beginning of a big section of purple stars in a circle using Colour Streams Jacaranda.. love the floss name and it it is almost the perfect match for a jacaranda flower too IMO and i finished a section !! completed the Sweetpea coloured  Stars ( gumnut star silk)  and grapevine ( viki Clayton silk) section

Patchwork Sampler

i have been sitting on the fence for 24 hours now on whether i like it or not..

Can anyone point me in the correct direction on how to write on my images.. so i can write in the floss colours on the actual sections.. it is a scary thought and feels way too technical for me.. but i need to do it i think…


7 responses to “Congee and Patchwork sampler..

  1. it’s a blue green that is too close to the dk blue,
    I think it need to be a softer or a yellowee green.
    I love the donna hay books and her magazine.

  2. Well, I don’t dislike it, but I think a paler or softer green might look better…. Love the jacaranda 🙂

  3. Something a soft chartreuse-y would be pretty.

    As for writing on your sampler… well, you could use a paint program’s text tool on your image, or just get a marker and write on your monitor screen and take a picture of that. (Think she’ll fall for it? *giggles*)

  4. Well HMPH!!!!!!!!!!
    giggle could you imagine pauly’s face if i wrote on the screen and then asked him why it didn’t work…..

  5. Patchwork jealousy!
    I am now making a list of silks I want but cannot afford! You are leading me astray.
    I think I would like congee, I like risotto which is somewhat similar

  6. the dark green is pretty and i like it but maybe a lighter green would give better definition. maybe a lime color but not a glow in the dark lime green.
    love the colors you’re using on your sampler. would like it a lot if you would name them over the stitched area. i’m not above copycating someones color selections. giggle.

  7. Looks great. But I think the others are right, a lighter green would possibly be even better.

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