Me and the girls are feeling restles and fractious…

I feel all out of sorts and unsettled and i don’t know why…. and i think beetle and Fudge are channeling it and having some sort of bizarre kitty stand off they thump each other if they see each other.. but they won’t take their eyes off each other .. every now and then it breaks out into full on war and they run around with Fudgey trying to bite beetles throat..

at the moment they are both sitting above me on the shelf above the computer desk with their backs turned looking “disgruntled”

if one of them looks at me the other will go at it again…. sigh..

Sttiching has been a bit disaterish.. i have hit one of my rare walls .. i am stitching but not what i am meant to ie i am stitching a gift and my patch work sampler, not Elenia.. i put a few stitches in her last night but it was a slow process

i finished the little gift , but now i need to put it together, and i realised after i had braved the evil Spotlight ( hate spotlight it has eaten most of Australias LNS”s) to buy my fat knitting needles that i probably needed some more Perle cotton to do the twisty cord thing… sigh… i said to paul when we got into the car…. if i go back in there now will you get grumpy… and i got a look, so i decided not to push it, after all i was campaigning for him to spend the day in the garden and not play golf so i figured i should just leave well enough alone

So i am restless and fractious, and of course that means i am looking at charts online… Safe though, i am destitute until Wednesday ( payday)

So i decided to do a list of Samplers i must stitch again as new ones keep popping up ..

AMAP alphabet 8.. actually started organising this one

Black Lace

Cirques des Cercles…started

Patchwork Sampler…. started

Purple Sampler.. bit sad when it is not even a completed model and i want it

Persanne ( AMAP) i don’t know why i like this….

Lettres a mon chat

Blackstone Fantasy Garden… but this is below the others atm

So whilst i was getting the Black Lace link.. i saw this Quaker frog…. and i love him Quaker Frog… and i also saw a dragon one a few of you might like….. Dragon Roundelay

so see after all that i found things i want to buy.. i know WHAT a surprise!! not

6 responses to “Fractious

  1. Black Lace is pretty!!

  2. I should know better than to look at the links you post :p
    Especially when I am feeling exhausted emotionally and physically.
    Hope you are feeling more yourself soon. If you let me know which colour perl thread you want I will pick some up for you. Spotlight is literally 2 houses down and across the road from me.

  3. Your links are dangerous, lady!

    I love AMAP 8… I always have. Persanne is lovely!
    Black Lace, of course is divine… and darnit… all of your links are dangerous! You naughty thing, you!! I don’t need any help getting into trouble!

    For your kitties… how about some catnip to exhaust them into taking a nice long nap in the sun? I know I’d like a nice long nap in the sun… it’s been cold, windy and cloudy all weekend!


  4. thanks Vicky for the offer but i am constructing now so i will fiddle around and find something else…. i think i have a skein of dmc that matches…

    Sue.. would you believe my freak cats are not into cat nip!!! my two kitties who visit from next door have the pot out side.. beetle and fudge went …nah not intertested and left it…
    weird like their mother..
    i am glad you like my pretties i don’t own them all… YET….

  5. Kitties with the sulks- I love it. We are down to one cat but had 4 at one time anf the certainly had their moods

  6. Now why did I go and look!?

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