because i love enabling so much….


 latest link to the new Ink circles model…

and cos they are cute , someone pointed these pins out on the vikki Clayton forum, if they were not so expensive i would consider ordering some to go in xmas gifts etc.  cute Pins especially the little toasdstool ones for Sonya!!

And here is another Blackwork one i think some of you will like..

there are 4 colour ways on the site….


8 responses to “because i love enabling so much….

  1. That’s just great….did you see you can order the chart for email delivery? Took all my strength NOT to place an order! Bad, bad fudgey!

  2. is there any use trying the wide eyed innocent look??
    i actually had not notuiced that by the way… was juggling ten things at once and missed that vital bit of info..

  3. Wide eyed innocent-hmmmm I think not! I had already looked at the seasonal one and resisted

  4. Norty, Fudgey. i’m already in enough trouble trying to figure out silks. blackwork (faint). tried to look at links in your blog last night, pc froze up and never got to post. so norty enabling who finds all the good stuff Fudgey.

  5. Oooh I love those pins!

  6. Wicked I say! there you go using my name and mushrooms in the same sentence…I just had to look…EVIL! thank you so much you wicked evil temptress you (giggle)
    and btw…you know what arrived while I was gone. Now I just have to wait for the rest before I mail out my parcelsssssss!

  7. well really sonya could i do anything else except think of you when i saw those wee pins with itty bitty shrooms on them…
    WHAT PARCELS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. lol, I know how it is, when I see frogs I think of a certain individual as well (grin)
    as for parcels…suffer…. they are Christmas gifts that I send out to friends and family but I still have a few items to pull together so I am waiting…simpler to do just one trip to the post office.

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