now no fainting…

i actually started it…

I KNOW i am as surprised as you are… the lovely delightful and incredibley patient nancy has endured my inablity to do maths on top of all my gridding requests… have i mentioned lately how lovely she is??… and managed to get me to the point of thread to fabric…insert fainting emote here…

So what did i go with… this little cutie.. CCKuik’s Sea Breeze


as you can see nancy did a mock up on SMF jellybean after i mused it was one of the few fabs i thought might work, it is paler than that irl but still looks ok… i think

the grid is being done in a deep burgundy  Petite treasure braid, i know nothing is easy with me i can’t help it, it is 28 count 1×1, but the lugana is fairly loose weave so should be easy to stitch..

sorry the face section is too big for anyone to stitch it is over 3000 stitches..

thing is i know some of you don’t like the face being done early so i am not sure whether to try and get it done before i send it off or not.. could start it.. do one eye, leave a nose space and the bottom lip i guess….. giggle ( sue stop throwing things at the screen)

so thats that i made a decison.. and just in time , did you see CC’s fairy of the night!!!! sigh…


17 responses to “My RR

  1. She looks great on that fabric. I’d want that face done first, but that’s just me.

  2. Excellent choice with your RR fudgey. I have the ACEO and she is lovely. Nancy is sure a sweetheart. The other Nancy. *giggle*. I’m with Michelle, do the face, do the face.

  3. You started! You actually really honestly started!

    I *love* the fabric and braid choice with the mermaid… as always, your color-sense is divine.

    Go ahead… do just part of the face. I betcha she comes home with that other eye stitched! 😉

  4. You made a decision!!! *giggle* She’ll look great on that fabric and the PTB will be lovely (rather you than me though!)

    And if she’s going round with one eye I’m glad she’s not coming to me! LOL!

  5. Yay!!!! She looks perfect on that fabric….great choice. I can’t wait to see her IRL now……

  6. Great fabric choice. She’s gonna be beautiful. Nancy does such great work on segmenting charts. i’m in agreement with *do the face first*. just imagine how pretty that face would look peeking out of the fabric watching the rest of the stitches being done.

  7. Great fabric you’re using.
    Nancy is so talented the way she segments charts.
    i agree with the *do the face first* gals. just imagine how pretty that face will be popping out of the fabric watching all the rest of the stitches being done.

  8. Yay!
    She looks fabulous. I can’t wait to see her with or without a face 😀
    I am so happy you went with her for your RR and the fabric looks wonderful *hugs*

  9. You can’t leave us all in suspense and send her away without the face! I love the fabby too, it matches perfectly with the chart and I can’t wait to see it irl.

  10. Ooh pretty! Great choice, I’m looking forward to stitching on her. I’m fine with or without face.

  11. She is going to be amazing. And the fabric is wonderful

  12. Wow, a decision and a start,
    you have been busy.
    She is absolutely stunning,
    the fabbie is perfect
    I think she should have her face now, just so she can see the fabulous international destinations
    that she will be visiting!

  13. Fudgey I really like what you have done. It should look fabulous stitched.

  14. Wow!! It’s going to look fantastic stitched!

  15. Pretty–I love the layout and the fabric. I’d do the face first if that’s your favorite part–don’t worry about the fact that some of us aren’t face first folks 😉

  16. What a terrific start to the month! You are on your way (happy dancing) I have seen the fabbie irl and yes, it will be perfect..huggles

  17. It looks great! I have never been part of a rr but would be tempted to do a segmented piece on my own. Will watch to see how it goes.

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