OH NO!!!!!!!


honest it isn’t my fault… it just popped up in front of me…
it isn’t my fault ..big baby innocent eyes..
Pauly taught me how to tag… apparently its cool and a good idea.. i am not convinced it is of any worth he reckons i will find friends…

ummmmmmmmmmm if i get that desperate for friends i will lay down on the high way..
he also taught me how to not double space… that is of more use… but apparently won’t find me friends


4 responses to “OH NO!!!!!!!

  1. Dessins is a really dangerous site… I mean REALLY. Ink Circles was bad enough… have I mentioned that I am stalking them for Blackstone? Have I mentioned that I’ve made my fabric and silk choices and I just need to know how much of both I need to order? Have I mentioned how much gorgeous stuff there is on Dessins that I would *love* to get my greedy little hands on and stitch? And it’s ALL YOUR FAULT! Go ahead and look wide-eyed and innocent! It won’t work with me! I still click on all of your links like the silly girl I am and I *always* find something positively gorgeous that I want. BAH! BAH! and double BAH! *giggles*

    I hope you enjoyed my rant as much as I did! šŸ˜‰


  2. ROFL
    the Dessins site is just fabulous and dangerous and sooooooo

  3. *fingers in ears*
    la la la la la

  4. Dessins is evil… Fudgey is evil for introducing them. I think it all started with Black Lace… At least one thing is good about my shopping spree lately, I have maxed out my credit card so no more spending for me… oops šŸ™‚

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