60 things i must stitch before i die….

i have done a new list cos i have a new blog….
this one is tougher as i am combining HAED/Character Creations/Samplers etc all in the one top 60… oh and i intend to live at least another 50 years

Character Creations
Belle  Anbranda Icle Sisson
Briar Elf   Nicole Cadet… started
Queen Quinevere  pamela matthews.. though i hope
Archangel Chamael will be charted one day

Sea Of Roses… Selina Fenech… started
Leaf… Selina Fenech
Selene …Selina Fenech
Luna…Selina Fenech
Loves me Not…Selina Fenech

Purple Poppy Fae… Molly Harrison
Enter a New World… Molly Harrison
Blue in the Wind…Molly Harrison

Peachy Pink Fairy… CCKuik
A Restful Night…CCKuik
Phoenix Fairy…CCKuik

Ivy…Ian Daniels
Scotland QS…Ian Daniels

Aredhel…. Marc Potts

SnowPixie/Emerald /lil Blue /Plum fae cats quartet…Carrie Hawks

Broken Angel…Meredith Dillman

Feelin Girly… Stacey Tippen
Shy Moment…Stacey Tippen

Fairy frog Mother… Lisa Victoria
Unicorn Magic…Lisa Victoria
Found..Lisa Victoria
this would be longer i am waiting for three to be charted

Pink Braids mermaid…Elaine Cox
Maggie…Elaine Cox.. more than 1/2 way!!

Sugar Plum Fairy …JBG
Pale rose…JBG
list would be longer waiting for 2 to be charted

Camille… Bernadettte Lusk
Athena’s Daughter…Bernadette Lusk

Red Dream Angel…Sara Butcher
Fire…Sara Butcher… started
Water…Sara Butcher

Jade..Linda Ravenscroft

White Rose/SweetPea/lavender rose/calla lilly Faes …Tate
Swimming with Dolphins… Tate
Snow kitty/cat nap/Care kitty/buttons and bows kitty… Tate

Cirques des Cercles… Ink Circles..Started
Purple Sampler…Ink Circles
Patchwork Sampler Jan Houtman… Started
Alphabet 8… AMAP
Persanne …AMAP
Black Lace…Dessins
Lettres a Mon chat see previous blog entry

My own design Sampler…Fudgey (lol)

I have left the list short as i know there are at least 8 HAED charts i am waiting for a few Character Creations ones and i know i have left off a sampler i definately want to do, but the name is escaping me atm and i tisn’t cheating to do a quartet like i did for hawks/Tate as they will be one thing..thats my story and i am sticking to it..


9 responses to “60 things i must stitch before i die….

  1. That is quite a list! I want to see your own Sampler.

  2. Can you do all that in 50 years? Would take me 100 🙂

  3. of course i can’t, if I get 4 of the HAED done, 2 of the CC and 4 of the samplers i will be stunned..
    but it is fun working stuff out when you feel too fractious to stitch..but i have to either stitch or do house work now.. so sttich it is..lol

  4. Sweety, take a Bex and have a good lie down!
    You’ve clearly become delusional.
    Working on the theory of living for another 50 years is OK if,
    there are no new Xstitch releases anywhere in the world during that time. LOL!

  5. yes and if you read the comment above yours you will see i am under no illusions.. non delusional???
    and i did leave a few gaps….

  6. Would love, love, love to see you do a sampler, this is a serious statement. bet it would be wonderful to do. i would be willing to purchase it now, sight unseen.
    fudgey, i commend you on such a short list to be done in such a short amount of time. if i were to do mine as of today i would have to be Methusalah and that’s allowing for no more new charts. lol

  7. That is some list–are you hiding a fountain of youth somewhere so you can get it all done 😉

    That would make a good weekend question on the BB.

    I may have to go through my stash and come up with a list as well.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Put me down for one JM sampler, please! Have to have a special spot for some Purkle Fred and all the other fun-sounding colors that make me smile!

    That really is an impressive list… you said you were thinking about a sketch chart start for 2007… I saw some on your list, so get cracking!

  9. Put my name down for the jm chart as well and do not forget SEA STARS! (for you)

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