i thought i should blog, though i have little to talk about of any real consequence

i will be posting wips tomorrow night..
though i am ashamed to post my Elenia Pic as all i have done for  week is single stitches so she won’t look like i have done much

I am of to the Tasmania Craft fair tomorrow .. it is the largest working craft fair in the Southern hemishere.. It is pretty cool, but not a cross stitch haven , it is more about wood, food, jewellery, art, ceramics,lead lighting, glass, kaleidoscopes, food , food, food, soaps, candles, handmade skin care products, cards, paper craft( like journals etc from handmade paper) hand made toys, spinning, wool stuff, etc etc etc. It takes over pretty much the whole town of Deloraine which is sort between where i live now and where i grew up

here is the link ..not the most dynamic website in the world, but the list of exhibitors gives you an idea about the number of stalls and every one of them has to have a working component..
Craft Fair
Now Vicky… you of the exotic alcohols have you come across the Lark Distillery? i think you would love it. i might buy you a pressie i think.. Bill the owner is a treasure.. i have known him since the first year he started selling his wares in tassie.. a true gentleman and he makes wicked stuff, nothing deals with a cold better than apple schnapps honest, and his single Malt whisky is a precious commodity rarely seen in captivity it sells so quickly. And the Pepperberry liquer is an real eye opener literally…giggle

actually a new distillery opened in Burnie recently too i have not managed to get there yet , it is next to lactos cheese factory and the cheese cake lures Paul in and we get no further. Have you folk worked out yet tassie is a bit of a food heaven , if you are into the natural product and boutique type food experiences

well thats it.. just about food toinght.. though i might knit in the car , at least on the way there deopends on how many wines etc i sample as to whether i do on the way 


8 responses to “stuff

  1. Wooo… crafty stuff! Candy floss! Is there candy floss, Mum? *bounces around tugging on your arm incessantly* Can I have some candy floss puhleaaaaaaze?

    Have a great time!!

  2. FOOD!!! surely there will be chocolate there too???? What is food without some really good dark chocolate! and bring your shot glass to sample all the wares…love the thought of the distillery treats too, I imagine that some of them would blow your socks off; literally! and craft stuff…oh boy oh boy oh boy, I love looking at all things crafty especially wool and glass!
    have a blast and tell us all about it!

  3. Fudgey the Fair and the Distillery look to die for!
    You are not helping my desire to move on down to tassie you know… well I guess you are. Good weather, good food fantastic bushwalking and scenery. It has been on my list of places to go for ever and just keeps on climbing… And you don’t have to buy me pressies you fiend 🙂

  4. What an awesome group of displays at the fair. The closest we have here is the Winter Fair which is mainly agricultural

  5. The fair looks great! From the number of exhibitors, sounds like you need the whole 4 days to go around them all 🙂

  6. If there’s food, drink and food, food, food it would be an absolute delightful time eating and shopping. my kind of outing. have a wonderful time Fudgey. it’s a well deserved few days away for you. we’ll miss you but just have a lovely trip and find lots of good things to buy. be sure to test everything at least twice, one for you and one for me. lol.
    hugs and have a very safe trip.

  7. I remembered just in time not to thank you on the board. lol. Anyway, thank you for the lovely Snowflake QS as a reward for being the first one to finish Dragon Soul QS. As you mentioned, I’m going to have quite a collection of Fenech QSs. I emailed Selina, and she said you had already sent her pics of my finish, naughty girl. She asked if she could put one on her website, and I said yes of course. 😀

  8. {{{hugs}}}
    Of course i showed Selina.. i show her everyones lovely stitching of her work,
    she can never find stuff on the BB so it is easier to send it to her..
    and thanks about not saying anything on the BB..
    apparently me gifting people means i play favourites and people gifting me is bad too..
    and i have heard this from 4 sources now so i guess it must be true…
    that that is the belief..
    it definately is not the reality..
    now i can’t wait to see her come to life after a few more pages of Awakening…

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