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firstly for those of you into purple Sampler Watch here is the next wip pic … apparently she has now worked the length of the fabric..

Purple Sampler Model Wip 

you know i was looking at it, i reckon it would look awesome as a Pinks sampler or a Blues sampler… blue silks.. hmmmmmm, cos after all i have a  Purples and pinks  sampler on the go, something to ponder me thinks

the craft fair was fun, though too many people and i was so tense i ended up with a head ache and exhausted, took me 48 hours to recover from the exhaustion of being confronted by masses of people all talking loud and touching me.. well bumping into me anyway which always makes me tense..
I saw lots of pretty things, some amazing artwork and espexcially amazing timber work, especially with our beautiful fragrant huon pine. For some reason this year paul went on a chocolate/fudge spending spree honestkly ui think e ended up with about 4 kg of handmade fudge and chocolate products!! as well as lovley spicey plum sauce, peach chutney ( perfect for his curries) apple worcestershire sauce, ginger beer from my friend the ginger beer man, shortbread bilbies with little chocolate dipped bottoms… too cute i had to buy them for me and the boys….who came too btw. umm i bought a stash of my fav homemade jersey carmel made with fresh cream from the cooks dairy, she is a lovely lady i tlk to her twice a year at big festivals, she makes amazing rocky road too with cashews instead of peanuts. We bought chocolate, choc hazelnut, mocha, jaffa, choc raspberry, fruity nut and choc walnut fudge!! and a D’anvers goodie bag that had , a large box of truffles, a box of choc orange segments, 2 boxes of their fudge in choc orange and choc mocha, a 250 g bag of choc pieces and something else that i can’t remember…
i am sure i have missed stuff thing is i was buying stuff for mum at the same time and i wasn’t sure what was mine and what was hers by the end of the day.

i was looking at terri’s wishlist, which is a master piece in its self and she reminded me of what the other samplers where i wanted to do before i die..
actually only one is there but it made me think of the other one for some strange reason…
Kaleidoscope Ink Circles
Alphabets and frises Reflets de Soie which i have the chart and the floss for actually
now Pictures…
Firstly the new improved wip of the patchwork sampler with the changed green, i went with Monet Green from Gloriana in that sectio, you will also see i did a section of a new purple to the right , that is another Gumnut stars silk, one of the hyacinth range

Next is Elenia, the chances of all of her showing up are zero, i sooo i will do a link instead I need someone to show me how to do thumbnails here.. i can’t make them work atm.. not much to look at this time as i was really disciplined and just did single stitches for a week

edited to add i had 6 goes at editing the silly thing to show Elenia and i give in hence the link
patchwork sampler 


10 responses to “pictures , links etc

  1. I have to totally agree with you about crowds- it is not so much the number of people as it is the volume of noise. And thank you for the comments about my wishlist and glad it triggered your memory- mine seems to fail on a regular basis

  2. Wow, Terri’s wishlist is so well done.
    I’m not going to comment on how much yummy, sugary goodness was taken home, as it will only make me jealous.
    Love, love, love the sampler!

  3. Sounds like you got some really nice goodies at the fair. MMM choc orange *drool*. I think everything in NZ was Jaffa or choc orange when I was a kid iot is what I remember most about living there. Jaffa and dark chocolate everything hehe.
    I owe you an email… but I am in a funk of a mood with this being back at work thing. Will wait until I am cheerier. *hugs* your wip are stunning that patchwork sampler has the most sumptuous colours.

  4. Oh my…thud! The purple sampler is devine. and those choccies! I gained weight just reading the list. Really must go on a diet tomorrow to compensate (giggle)
    Your sampler is just coming along so very well, all those cheery colours, they are perfect compliments of each other

  5. Have to agree about all those yummy chocs. don’t care for crowds either, avoid them if i can.
    love the purple sampler. your patchwork sampler is so beautiful. can’t believe how much you’ve done on Elenia despite everything else. what a gorgeous piece she’s going to be when finished.
    still thinking about all those chocs. yummmm.

  6. all the choccies sound amazing..yummy! LOVE your sampler and elenia..your stitching is perfect, Fudgey….and the purpler sampler is looking wonderful, huh?! Hugs…Judy

  7. Fudgey it looks great with the Monet green.
    I am wipeing the drool off my keyboard as I type – chocoooolllatttee yummmmmmmmm

  8. Mmmmm… chocolate 🙂 Glad you had a good time at the fair despite the crowds. So how long do you think the haul will last? LOL
    Your sampler is looking great. Those colours are all going very well together

  9. I’m with you on the crowds thing – sounds like the local mall here on a Friday night *shudder*.

    Delicious chocolate haul there – I use Maltesers instead of nuts in my Rocky Road – it goes down well at the school bake sales 🙂

    Pretty pictures! Elenia is stunning and your sampler is coming along nicely too.

  10. Sounds like you had fun, even with the headache, all those sweets were definitely worth it. Love your Elenia and that sampler is coming along rather nicely. And STOP bringing up the purple sampler please and now to come up with ideas of other colors, we’re going to have to strangel the Fudgling!

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