So i found a new artist

note i spent an hour doing links and then poof i thought i lostthe whole post.. thismorning this little scrap below was left up to the stars.. go figure, i notice all the links are gione now though *pout *

First i want to say many of you won’t like her..i do, i think Vicky will not sure about others..
she is sort of JBG gone freaky.. yes i know your mind is boggling…

her name is Pink toast and she does a pretty good line in Gothic Girly, with a few darker tones and a few cutesy tones, and she has a lovley ragdoll character with the stitching sort of being finished off on her… i know what i mean..

Sad thing is i know she would never be charted so i can see me spending money on prints…

So anyway as i was saying before the computer ate my post… grrr
here is Pink Toast, you can look at all the links yourself this time i don’t have time to do another hour of links, except for these three…

i am wondering if this one is a picture of Vicky and Sue getting ready for halloween ( yes sue i know her hair is the wrong colour)
Little Pumpking and the Pumpkin Pie Maker

these 2 are probably my favs of all the other prints etc she has…
Horned Angel and her Pin Cushion Peep
Sad Eyed-Purple Buffalo Girl and her fuzzy pets

So anyway then i went and played in the knitting section as i know Lindy buys wool from chewySpaghetti who is a etsy seller… truly i have known about etsy since it started and i have tried really hard to ignore it but… i think i have failed, i want to buy cute stuff atm…
I found cute knitted/crocheted toy patterns!! including a three eyed monster and a teddy bear that looks like a bean!
i could go on but i might get into more trouble..

i want it noted i did not mention any xstitch charts even though i have another sampler one i like , but given Cole has threatened to strangle me i think i will just not mention charts for a few days, which willbe easy as i am going camping tomorrow and you will all be free of me until monday mid morning tasmanian time which is Sunday evening BB time , but i will explain all that in the next post before i leave…
Oh and please cast your eyes to me links where youi will see a link for the mark 2 HAED RR where we will be putting our deference to those who do not like faces with holes for eyes, noses and moths i will hold off posting my pic until next week…


5 responses to “So i found a new artist

  1. Okay I looked 🙂
    I came up with these as my favourites:

    Dead-Frida Heart Garden

    Sweet Patchwork Rag Doll- Twilight Tree Swing

    Little Big Eyed Devil and her Fairy Tale Garden

    Now hopefully I didn’t make a mess of the linkies.
    I’m so jealous of you going camping fudgey! Take me? *begs*

  2. Hmmm… You’re right. Not my thing. Although I think purple furballs as pets is quite a cute idea! 🙂

  3. I like pink toast!
    Enjoy camping.

  4. Thank you for taking pity on me Fudgling, my head is reeling at the moment, between the release of Small Things color and Blackstone. I really need a few days to get myself together.

  5. Great…. “this site is offline this weekend…” Guess I’ll have to check out Pink Toast on Mon night

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