running away… and just in case you were under a rock…

Jut incase you were under a rock in the last 24 hours..

Blackstone fantasy Garden  so it will be intertesting to see the colour ways.. and what Sue comes up with in relation to THE perfect fabric…

Anyway i am off for a few days camping at cradle Mountain or here Cradle Mountain
we are only camp ground camping.. brilliant camp ground with private sites so no hassles from neighbours , except possums, paddy melons, quolls, tassie devils.. i saw a tassie devil kitten 2 years ago camping there, Jays etc.

my heel is really bad so there will not be too much exercise i don’t think, though we all know i am a bit silly and will probably walk until i am crippled.. oh well i can always sit and do nothing and stitch when i get home…

anyway i do belief it is time to go… no sniggering Sharon.. i just vented to her via email about men and their inability to function when asked to do stuff which is beyond their normal daily stuff..

be good i will be back sunday evening HAED BB time..


5 responses to “running away… and just in case you were under a rock…

  1. Have fun- it looks spectacular

  2. Have fun Miss Fudgling! We’ll try and behave ourselves.

  3. Heh… men and things outside of their routines… I read a study about that somewhere… now I have to find it so you can know that your sweety is quite normal!

    Sorry about the heel… do take care of yourself! Of course, you’ll read this after you come back.

    I have ordered my fabric! Vicky knows which one it is, too! Assembling silks is another story… that’s proving a bit more difficult, but any order I make with Vikki only takes 48 hours or so to arrive. (Yup, I’m a’bragging!)


  4. Fudgey…It looks to be a beautiful camping area..very serene and peaceful! Hope you have a nice, relaxing time. I will be busy stitching on my QS have a sweet dream. I did get my patchwork sampler from Cathy, so am getting anxious to start it also after seeing how beautiful yours is turning out…and then there is the CDC chart yelling at me and Pheonix rising and Taj Mahal..etc. Take care. hugs…Judy

  5. Well, i’m 2 days late on this so by the time you read it you’ll probably be home. love the beautiful camping area. hope your heel is doing better. hope you had a great time getting away from those everyday kinda things.

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