Quolls,thunderstorms, and other stuff

hmmm how many of you know what a quoll is??
i love Quolls, seeing a quoll always makes me feel that things are ok and not all our native bush is being wiped out by tree plantations and greed,
We saw one yesterday when we were beating out hasty retreat from camping …i love sleeping in a tent in the rain, love walking in the rain, but i have a little issue about tents and thunderstorms… actually it is more of a big issue. But more about that later. There is a patch of road on the way to cradle where Paul and i always see native animals and have to swerve to avoid hitting them , or stop and let them wander by ..except the time paul hit an echidna and i cried for the next 3 hours… and whats more he hit it AFTER i said remember to go slow through here paul we always see wildlife..boom…. cue my crying and paul feeling like a mass murderer.. i mean an ECHIDNA!!!! thats well awful.

So yesterday as a treat a quoll jumped out of the mistย and said hello and even thoogh it was pouring with rain and dangerous to do so paul managed to swerve, not spin out and avoid it… so it was a nice way to go home.

When we got home we pretended we were still away so did not communicate with anyone..that was fun. Especially not answering the phone and having a bbq in the rain at the park in the evening.
AND now you all don’t know me that well so the next bit of info is hilarious… my Mum was bemused, my sister will laugh out loud.

We joined the tenis club last week , so we went and bought tennis raquets and plyed tennis yesterday.. well i guess what i was doing was tennis.. i am convinced Paul will get sick of me but we did manage a few rallys of sorts, i can’t serve cos of my shoulders so thats a hassle. Anyway it is our grand plan to increase our exercise output by doing something a bit different, and hilarious. and trust me it was hilarious

other stuff is really that paul is getting me a Pandora Sterling Silver bracelet for my birthday..*bounce* *bounce*
I am a gold girl in general but when the braclet starts at $1533 for the gold version we decided that was OTT and it isn’t like earrings or a necklace which is near my face where gold is essential with my colouring
So i am apparently getting the braclet with the pandora clasp. the safety chaain and my birth stone and star sign beads . He is really happy as then he has something he can buy me as a gift occeasionally .. beads etc. I also discovered after researching i could get cool beads from another company which are compatible and some of them are nicer, some not but there is more choice which is always good Chamilia . So now i have something else to collect… sigh like i needed more things to collect..NOT

think that is it. all news updated and complete oh i bought the three eyed monster pattern from that Etsy knitting shop , but as they are still offline upfgrading i can’t show you the picture.. so there will be crocheting in my near future.. oh and whilst iwas pretending to be away i stitched a Millhill ornament which is what i intended to do when i was away so it seemed fair enough, i just need to stitch it up today and that is another xmas gift done!!


11 responses to “Quolls,thunderstorms, and other stuff

  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend.
    I’m just going to skim over the tennis club as it would be rude to LOL, LOL and ROFL!
    The pandora is a great idea, I love them, can’t wait to see what other charms you collect in the future.
    Welcome back

  2. How cute is that quoll? Never heard of them before but I suppose that’s not surprising – Australia has so many animals not found anywhere else ๐Ÿ™‚ So lovely!

    Have you seen the Biagi beads? They go on the Pandora bracelets too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Great you had a good time. lol, the quoll looks like a cross between a cat and possum

  4. Glad you had a nice campout-getaway at home since you had to vacate Cradle mt. Australia must have oogles of different wonderful wildlife..how cool..I love the little thing they call a sugar baby or sugar glider? My DH played on tennis team all through high school and college, but I have never been good at it..seems like I was always chasing the ball that he loped over the net at me..lol. anyway, glad you are back, sometimes the Bb seems too quiet when you aren’t here..(sad face) hugs

  5. The quoll is just way too cute and anteaters of all sorts are a personal favourite and always a stop at the zoo since I am unlikely to see one in the wild.
    The bracelet is beautiful and what a wondeful birthday gift.

  6. Your tennis games sound a lot like when Mr B and I were playing after work. I am not sure it could really be called “tennis” but it sure was a lot of fun. Trying our hands at squash was even funnier.

    I think the term for our tennis games was coined “tip and giggle”. Good exercise though and everyone needs laugh at themselves ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love the bracelet idea … are you going to mix gold and silver beads or sitch to silver all the way?

  7. Vicky if paul can ever afford a few gold ones i will happily mix.. i will be saving up and getting a few mixed silver and gold ones down the track and definately some pretty glass beads

  8. I always find it amazing that Australia is a continent with so many unique and wonderful animals, it always surprises me to find out just how many different living things there are!

    Glad you had a super time and warning…do not bid on the COX Capricorn!

  9. edited to add…I was too late. sigh!

  10. Welcome home! *HUGS*

    Awww… quolls are adorable!

    The whole tennis thing sounds fun!

    Very lovely bracelet… did he think of this idea on his own or did he need some help? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Love those little critters. have seen the Echidna on a documentary. watch a lot of animal stuff. how much fun to see them in their natural habitat.
    glad you had some relaxing time away from all the hustle and bustle.
    love your bracelet and those glass beads are my favs. beautiful things to add on. congratulations on such a beautiful birthday gift. very sweet of Pauly to get it for you.
    we missed you but glad you had a fun time away.

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