mixed assortment

yummm, i should not have used that title, now i want mixed lollies…
see how easily i am distracted! I love mixed lollies, especially when there are ripe raspberries, chicos, honey bears, spearmint leaves  and strawberries and creams in them.. oh and choc bullets and freckles, my corner store has a a good mixed lolly collection except for honey bears and choc bullets, and if i am lucky i can always find a bag in the basket that does not have ukky lolly bananas in them…blech don’t like them..

Ok i will focus now..
Polly is a darling… we all know that, but she sent me some Stacey Tippen prints for an early birthday pressie… and then Stacey is a darling cos she slipped a third print in, so now i own feelin Girly ( from the lovely paula), Night, Aqua Bubble mermaid and Marina..
how beautiful is Marina, those colours are amazing, maybe i should stitch her… ( hysterical laughter.. like in 10 years time or something….) So thankyou sweet polly, your BB name suits you so well {{{hugs}}}
Next i treated myself and bought the new fenech calender and it is lovely, it arrived yesterday along with a few little things i ordered to go in xmas gifts so i can’t mentin them, though i bought myself an ACEO print of Keeper of Secrets to go in my wallet… if she makes keyrings of her i will buy one she is just so beautiful.
i hope to have a progress pic of Sea breeze tomorrow for you all maybe..

Kerry did her new releases too *bounce*
and LOOK!!!!!! She released SPML’s Dark Angel, it looks wonderful I know sharon has already succumbed and i might not be far behind, the other new release is of one of my favourite trees, or i should say favourute non native trees, nothing beats a flowering blue gum really, i digress, it is called Daisy Day Revisited by Wendy Leach and has what we Know as a New Zealand Christmas Tree in it, they are so beautiful around christmas time with their happy red flowers

For those of you who know about my Leporello… i finally ordered the finishing book, so now when I have all the charts in front of me , and my lovley kit and my finishing book i will actually be able to start it.. assuming i ever decide on fabric, i think i want porcelain from Silkweaver but i will need to get a biggish piece so I will have to wait a bit.. or one of the nice fabs from Passione ricamo, i love her linen/evenweave i could go for the pinkish cream one of those i spose…

My Pandora Braclet thing is out of control, i might have to buy myself a second one , between paul, mum and a few lovely little fae folk who have already contacted me and bagsed certain charms to send me i will have the first one filled before i own it,  no joke You lot are so beautiful, if not totally undisciplined, unruly and very norty, but i guess thats why i love you {{hugs}}


8 responses to “mixed assortment

  1. Isn’t that Wendy Leach nice? Hope Kerry manages to get more of hers 🙂

    It’s weird you should mention the Leporello – it suddenly hit me today that I liked it! I was seriously thinking of getting it and using a very pale lilac. Then I remembered we need to save for the move! LOL!

    Still haven’t mentioned the Pandora bracelet to DH. Has anyone offered to buy you the cat one yet 🙂

  2. maybe you should give me DH’s email addy and i will suggest it to him.. or email him an info page!!
    yep the pandora cat has been bought by someone and the chamilia double kitty one has been bought by some one else… see i am totally spoilt!!

    the leparello is lovely..maybe you should get the chart whilst it is still online and keep it for when you have moved…

  3. I hate banana’s in mixed lollies, but, I love raspberries.
    Have you tried the chocolate coated raspberries?
    Glad to hear that the Pandora is filling quickly, {LOL}.
    I agree Fudgey, you should email Nicki’s husband about the Pandora.

  4. yes i have tried choc coated rasp lollies both the milk and the white.. but generally pauly eats them all before i acquire a taste for them,
    do you think the mixed lolly thing is a relic of our child hood??

  5. we remember how special it was to get a 5cent mixed bag from the milkbar, and how much was in the bag.
    i still get excited about lolly teeth, but, they are much smaller now!

  6. Well, the double kitty one was the second one I was thinking of for you! I will pluck up the courage to mention it to DH – it just needs to be timed right or he’ll be totally uninterested. He’s a tricky soul sometimes. Though as I earn 90% of our income right now I can’t see the problem! 😉

  7. Sounds like you have had a splendid day so far, all those lovelies and surprises on the way! What a great group of norty ones to have around you!
    Raspberries are the best in everything…especially when mixed with dark chocolate!
    hugs dear one, you deserve wonders!

  8. Fudgey…what are lollies? they sound delicious, just wondering what they are? Sounds like you are getting lots of goodies, how fun is that? Always love that you share new charts and other goodies with us! Your bracelet sounds like it will be lovely and quite “heavy” already…cool!


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