musings about 2007 stitching goals

only musings, nothing in concrete, or even a list really, just ponderings..
One would assume i will finish the two models by february, so then ther would be 2 new models slipping in there, not sure if Michele will want me to start a new one or go back to LR, not sure if kerry will ever want me to stitch for her again i have been so pitifully slow, no one would believe i spend more time of that model than anything else i do, i just can not stitch 2×2 anymore both Elenia and the CC model would be done if i was doing 1×1 i honestly believe that… but such is life…

I also believe i will finish Maggie and possibly snow pixie in 2007, and there will be the ongoing RR
added to these are patchwork sampler which will also be ongoing, i have a 2 year philosophy on that one, and cirques which i would like to finish within a year if possible, though i suspect i will start another ink circles chart as i have kaleidoscope on its way from sharon, garden circles from paula nd i think sea stars from another little pixie… you lot are so bad, you are trying so hard to make me start new things…
and what do i want to start? well i would like to think i start 2 more QS, 1 fullsize and    1 more sampler, maybe 2 and do some major work on my CC chart and Sea of Roses..
the dilemma is which 2 QS, which fullsize chart .. which i want to be a B&W chart and which samplers.. i thinkthe leporello will be one sampler…

hmmm more pondering needed

and just a clarification for judy from the last posting, mixed lollies are a must have for any sugar junky in australia they are a wide assortment of jelly and chocolate lollies, like jelly snakes, jelly raspberries, jellbeans,  mainly, but musk sticks, bananas etc also get a look in, sometimes if you are really lucky there are even luv hearts… only decent picture i could find.. unless i went and bought some lol!! mixed lollies
this one shows strawberries and cream and the lolly teeth lindy was talking about…. mixed lollies 2 and these are the EVIL bananas
and Lindy did you used to play the clinker game were you had to put the clinker in your mouth say what colour it was and then see who guessed correctly…. i LOVE clinkers

9 responses to “musings about 2007 stitching goals

  1. I am sitting here starving waiting for my son to finish work and pouff I open a picture and its yummy candy

  2. Fudgey I feel the same as you about stitching over 2. I so luv stitching over 1. A funny story about clinkers. DH only likes certain colours, he would take a packet with him while he was driving the truck. What would come home were Clinkers with just the tips bitten off – these were the colours he didn’t like……LOL. I love any colour.

  3. I’d forgotten about the clinker game!
    I’m going to the lolly shop tomorrow to get some clinkers,
    I like the pink ones.

  4. Neat candies. Here lollies would be short for lollipops, which are hard candies (usually) on a stick. Now I want candy!

  5. Reading all your musings has gotten me thinking too…gonna have to muse on my blog today..hmmm. You sound so much more organized than I, I seem to want to go in 100 directions all at once! And you are getting Gardens! Cool!and Kaleidescope! Krycky!(spelling?) I am thrilled for you. Love the thought of planning colour schemes for each one….the stuff dreams are made of. (jumping up and down on my chair)

    Your lollies look like a dentist’s dream!(grin) and as I am a fan of sour jellies as well you can imagine that I am salivating as I write this….yummy yum yum…except it is too early in the day for me and I still have choccies to do quality control on. today we are making Coffee with dark chocolate…I suffer so very well!

  6. Ohh, fudgey..I do believe that your “lollies” are like our “gummies” which I am totally addicted to..we have gummies in all shapes and forms, snakes, spiders, frogs, peaches, apples strawberries, sharks, bears, coke bottles, etc..Luv them….they look like what you call lollies. yummy! I love to go to the candy store in the mall and mix up a bag of my favorites! You are getting some other ink circles, yay! I have Kalidoscope, sea garden and other garden,and of course, Circle one, but not blackstone garden, that one is pretty cool, but I haven’t given in to getting it yet. You do sound so organized in what you want to get accomplished…makes me feel like I run helter and skelter here… take care..hugs

  7. Gummies are wonderful and it seems that would be comparable to your lollies.
    Cudos for being able to even think about projects for 2007. all i know is there are 2 new starts in my future thanks to a couple norty wonderful folks.
    sounds like you’re doing very good on your models. the last pics were sure beautiful.
    looking forward to more in the future.

  8. I am sitting here starving, waiting for something to eat and every link I open is yummy yummy candy. I love all of the sour ones

  9. Clinkers! Yum! I love Clinkers, can I get Clinkers here? No. Anything close? Not on your nelly!! Wahhhh, I miss Clinkers!!


    All is not lost though – I actually found some Freddo Frogs and Caramello Koalas the other day. Good ‘ol Aussie chocolate – I am now the best mum in the world 🙂

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