A Cute little face..

no not mine.. not even one of my girls …

she is my Seabreeze baby by the very talented artist CC Kuik (see my links for more of her work) for the RR.  She is stitched on SMF 28 ct lugana jellybean 1×1, the outline is done with one strand of petite treasure braid in a dark burgundy/maroon colour.
I doubt i will get much more done as i still have some outlines to do and i will need to post it to Diane soon
here is the full pic

an aside i may be giving away all my 28 count lugana so watch this space, i really do prefer 28/32 ct jobelan and 30 ct /32 count linen, or Graziano 28 ct linen


10 responses to “A Cute little face..

  1. Jeannie-Maree! Wow, she is gorgeous! I love the full length pic and I know I’ve said it before, but that fabric is perfect…… Now I just have to check my dates to see when she’ll turn up on my doorstep!

  2. I love the fabric and what an adorable face.

  3. !!!!!! Squee !!!!!!
    She looks amazing.. I htink you came up with the perfect decision for your RR.

  4. Wow!!! she’s gorgeous!!! can hardly wait to see her come together. your fabric is perfect too.
    sorry to be so repetitive but those are the first words that popped into my head.
    congratulations on your choice.

  5. You clever Fudgey,
    She is gorgeous,
    The fabric is perfect
    CC’s art is pretty damned spectacular!

  6. Two eyes!
    A nose!
    Ruby red lips!

    *breathes a huge sigh*

    I can deal with bodiless women… just not headless ones! 😉

    Everything is perfect! She looks lovely!!

    I get her after Diane! *dances*

  7. She is looking beautious, fudgey…Very pretty and lovely stitching and choice of fabby. (I love Lugana, you don’t?) and I love C.C. Kuik’s charts..I am working on QS have a sweet dream and it is looking fine,( not bragging or anything.) Hugs…Judy

  8. what a sweet heart shaped face, so delicate!
    What is the theme of this one? and is it yours?
    Too bad you no longer love luguana. Is it the ct or the fabbie itself.
    Just curious, cause I love it 28 and 32…it is linen that hates me.

  9. She looks amazing! You’ve got loads done on her too (I’m with Sue – thank goodness for two eyes!). Beautiful fabric – it’s going to be spectacular 🙂

  10. Looks great. This is definitely going to be an impressive RR

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