I made Eyeballs and Eyesockets today

Actually i made a body too…
I went a whole day without stitching!!! don’t faint. I crocheted instead, which is sort of like learning to ride a bike once you can do it.. etcetcetc.. though i have never hurt myself crocheting and trust me i have really hurt myself bike riding several times, actually knowing me it is a wonder i have not accidentally stuck a hook in my eye , or removed a section of brain via my nose or some such dorky thing..
Anyway i digressed.. I crocheted eyeballs ( actually did 4 ) Eyesockets ( 3 of those) and a body, i also constructed them to the point of being a three eyed google monster minus the coloured google bits of the eyeballs. So until i get more than the boring old white felt i had, you get  no pics. I loved making him, and it only took a half a day and I fiddled  a bit, walked the dog, played on the computer a bit, ate dinner etrc in that time so with a serious effort i could do the others i need in 1 day.
so the pattern ( one of 4 ) i got off etsy was a real gem of a find very easy to follow and a great result..

on more serious stitching note.. making the google monster made me realise how little time there is to christmas , so i will have to pack all my samplers and QS away until all presents are done.. luckily i only have 2 more google monsters, a name tree for Pauls mum ( Jan) a little sampler i have been stitching for my real life in the flesh friend Vix… yes i have one friend who i have actually set eyes on.. and she is someone i met on a BB too..
see i am a  little antisocial recluse .. you all honestly have no idea
and maybe one more thing but i doubt it…
plus i want to blitz my models up to christmas as i take a week off over xmas to do some jeannie-maree stuff, and apparently i have to go to hobart for some stupid 40th birthday thing to keep everyone happy except the person whose birthday it is..pout.. SHE wants to go camping but has been told that she is being  antisocial little recluse….

vent over… but be warned

8 responses to “I made Eyeballs and Eyesockets today

  1. There’s a really old song that Mom likes with a refrain of “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…” I’m not saying you should cry… just that it’s your birthday and you should be able to do what you want… then again, I know I’d want to spoil you, too!

    Chin up — you’re lovable and we just want to make sure you know it!


  2. Sounds like you had a fun day making eyes and stuffffff. Now those eyes will be watching to see if you provide them with a body (giggle)
    As for your Birthday, just take it in stride, you have the rest of the year to plot revenge (grin)

  3. Ooh, the google monster sounds intriguing! Look forward to seeing your finished monster.

  4. I have my monsters pattern 😀 all I nned now is a knowledge of crochet, to find the hooks I have lying around and get some wool.
    Mr B was pouting that no one makes him three eyed monsters so I guess I better rectify that.
    As for your B’day camping sounds like the perfect way to spend it if you ask me. But then I tend to be anti social too.

  5. Hands up to join the antisocial club 🙂 It’s your birthday, it’s all about you, I say do what you want!

    Can someone please send me the link to the googly-eyed monster pattern? I have a pattern for a wierd looking clown, but it’s just not the same thing

  6. you’ve had such a fun day,
    you can’t be anti-social as you talk to all of us!!
    so there is a 40th celebration,
    just be a good girl and enjoy the pressies!

  7. As a fellow recluse i understand. as a friend it’s enjoy all the love everyone wants to give you. either way have a wonderful time and a beautiful celebration.
    looking forward to seeing your google monster.

  8. I’m very reclusive too – have been for as long as I can remember :).

    I’m off to check out these google monsters!!

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