here is my monsty…. I have just done links so you can see him in a reasonable size.. as i still can’t master thumbnails on wordpress.. sigh
the eyeballs are meant to be detachable so you can swap them around etc, but as this is for Mossy i thought i would stitch them in so they don’t get lost
Monster 1  

Monster 2   with this one you should be able to see i gave himhairy eyeballs, it is hard capturing fine whait hairs when you are a bunny at taking pictures..
these things are addictive, i ordered a hedgehog pattern yesterday and i really want to do a Ninja and a one eyed alien as well..


9 responses to “monster

  1. They are so cute I doubt they will give any one nightmares…great little guys to cuddle with and love the hairy eyewhites!

  2. Very cute! The hedgehog is really cute too… but not for me, I’m a bit hedgehogged out.

  3. Oh wow! I just couldn’t imagine what you were doing but these are great! The hedgehog’s great too! 🙂

  4. They are just sooo cute. And I agree no nightmares from these monsters

  5. adorabubble!
    I jsut want to squish them in a big hug.
    the hedgehog is sooo cute too. I love hedgehogs they shnuffle. You are evil for giving me a new obsession mmhmm but I can’t wait until after saturday when I will have time to go find some yarn and tackle one of my very own.*squishy hugs of joy*

  6. Gorgeous! Looking forward to making my own. Mr hedgehog too 🙂

  7. They are the cutest monsters i ever saw. they are going to be so much fun. love the yarn you chose for the bodies and you can’t go wrong with hairy eyeballs. love it!
    didn’t get to see the hedgehog cos the site is down until 2am our time. will check him out later though .love them hedgehogs.
    congratulations on finishing such cuties.

  8. I love them!! Just adorable! Congratulations!

  9. I just bought a hedgehog pattern! I haven’t crocheted in years.

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