sorry not feeling creative today, could not think of a heading..
I spent some time the other day and overhauled my wishlist..
it needed overhauling as my tastes have shifted slightly again.. takes ages to do things like that.. and i only do links the people doing notefish .. have way more time than me obviously!
I blame cathy for the carriage House Sampling ones.. i s looking at something from her blog and boom i started wanting various charts… i actually have 3-4 more there i like but i got sick of linking
i especially like this one though, well i have just discovered my links on my wishlist don’t work.. sigh.. see blogger hates me.. i will have to start again another day..
well from my list on links that don’t work lol
I really like Squirrels tree and A Diminutive Dutch Sampler sorry it isn’t a better pic, the better pic i found is one of the links i can’t get to work.. shrug..
and i have seen This one being worked on on the Vikki Clayton site and the chance to play with colour is wonderful A New Beginning
I really want to start collecting up books on motifs so i can design my own though..
i am going to probably use my xmas club money i don’t spend on Pauls birthday and Xmas presents ( there will be some left over this year i think) on getting my own charting software.. Sharon remembers which one i am getting, i can never remember.. good thing i have friends with brain cells and memories!

Sorry boring blog today..


7 responses to “stuff

  1. Not boring my dear, you are just lacking either caffein or chocolate….it will be better tomorrow…promise.

  2. I have various motifs from i8th century / 17th century deisgn that you may be interestde in. These aren’t charted they are jsut example motifs from the historical costuming books I collect. Let me know if you are interested. 🙂

  3. I like the diminuative dutch too. I’m sure you’ve been watching Nicki’s alphabet grow – I just love that piece.

  4. Agree with Sonya, you’re lacking chocs or coffee or both. and it will be better tomorrow.
    oh dear, love A New Beginning. Fudgey, you’re getting me into soooo much trouble. norty fae.

  5. Hang on! My name’s being taken in vain here! 😉

    I redid my wishlist a little today too – we’re obviously on the same brain pattern at the moment or something 🙂

  6. Nicki if i had the energy i would also do the whole alphabet for my wish list, whatyou are doing with that is awesome… obviously You, Cathy and i have similar sampler tastes..
    and Sonya and paula.. i think it iwas not having my real coffee fix, the barrista left at 5.40 and had no time for making coffee.. have to survive another morning with no real coffee!! unless muffy and i go get one for me on our morning walk ! And Apula i think a new Begining would be perfect for all our left over floss from Patch work sampler!

  7. WOW Fudgey! You have your own barrista??(Paul?) My middle son was a barrista and manager for Starbucks for years (that was great..he kept me in wonderful coffees!) I, too love The new beginnings chart…it looks to be a fun stitch and you are right…would be great for leftover flossies…we can always find a “good reason” for having or needing something, huh?! Hugs

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