I have tried three times to blog and just ended up closing the page..

i have bloggers block…. giggle, sounds painful doesn’t it!
I had little pixies and sprites sending me gifts during the week
I won’t say what Sonya sent me yet i will leave it until my birthday when i officially open it, as it was my xmas/birthday present final installment, but she sent cool stuff ..{{{{{hugs}}}}}
Then a norty gang of pixies sent me a Craft fair care package, cos i live in the back of no where and there are no such thing as the big craft fairs as there are in civilised  cultures . So Vicky, Nic and Annette sent me the most gorgoeus Dinky Dye silks… and as far as i can wok out they are limited ed release colours cos i can’t find them on the website, colours like Violet, Pink tourmaline, Peridot, turquoise etc.. on all the websites the range stops at number 105, these are numbered above that, and trust me they are very strong and vibrant… and i Love them..
there was also yummy sugared snickerdoodle fab from SMF, dragonfly print purple fab, gorgeous purple dyed silk fab from colourstreams, some yummy Happy soap from lush ( one of my 3 regular soap purchases from lush…clever girls!!) some lollies..of course, and a cute kitty note book, but the mega highlight for me was a copy of Stacey’s Summers Gate Sampler  it is just beautiful!!

thankyou norty pixies, though as i said to each of you , you should be smacked for spending so much money!!
I intended to have a new scan of my progres on my RR, but i don’t, suffering chronically from lazyitis/grumpyitis/slothitis/flatitis
hmmm flatitis  sounds sort of rude… So i don’t have a scan i will try my best to remedy that next entry
I am going to order some eterna silk overdyeds this weekend, they sent me a $5 dollar voucher and i am easily swayed, i need white silk any way, and to replace that silk that was wonky in my Fire Wip and the overdyeds i had before from them were lovely so i guess i should just buy some that voucher will cover the postage which is fine by me… Strangely they do not have the white in minitwist anymore, only in stranded, unless i have serious search issues.. and we all know one thing i do well is search for stitchy stuff…lol
Hopefully paul will interrrupt his precious golf tomorrow and get me to the woolshop to get some eyelash yarn for my hedgehog chart, i also bought the fighter charts so i also need black . I did have white felt for the fighter dude, but beetle atttacked the felt and rolled round and round on the ground with it, throwing it the air with her paws and biting it lots… so its dead…. yep i have dead white felt….

i think i will buy These Kokeshi Dolls next, they are cute… ,
I love these , i think they would make awesome pincushions, i might get them after christmas.
Finally , i encourage you to go check out Terri’s latest Blog entry.. and dare you not to drool….
and to look at the latest Wip of the purple sampler model, and again, NOT drool

bye xxx


5 responses to “well……

  1. You won’t find the dinky dyes on thier site yet they are the new release colours. Stitches and spicehad just got a shipment when the got to the show with staceys charts and the new colours so we just had to get them for you. I think you may be missing 2 or three colours from have the entire range (they were autumny and went to nancy) 😛

  2. Very nice pixies and elves and lovely gifties. The Purple Sampler is stunning and oh so tempting- in greens maybe

  3. smack me…ohhh smack me again….it feels sooooo good! (giggle)

    Love the dinky dyes colours, they sound so yummy too…I shall now be stalking the internet to see when they come out. oh…and JM…would you please smack me again! ahhhhhh!

  4. What beautiful gifts from some very special pixies and for a very special fae.
    you have been very busy finding those beautiful projects that tempt and cos us obsessive thoughts like i have to have it, i have to have it. i need it and can’t live without it. norty fae.
    Go Sonya, go Sonya, go Sonya.

  5. Ditto what Vicky said. We were going to get you some of their silks anyway but when we were told these were brand new and not on any websites yet.. well, we just had to get them 🙂

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