silk , know the nice stuff..

 You know if you lot want me to be bad and keep buying charts , you really need to stop sending them to me .. lol not that i am complaining i have been getting the most lovely gifts but i wish you would all stop treating me.. i really do struggle to keep up with the return gifts !!!!

anyway i think i am going to make next year the year of four samplers,  Cirques, patchwork sampler, ONE other Ink circles sampler… not sure which and ONE french Sampler most likely my AMAP 8…
plus after xmas i will buy the charting software and start trying to design my own,.. so who knows maybe the others won’t get done.
the question is which other Ink Circles Sampler will i succumb to..

I have Kaleidoscope and Sea stars ( though i don’t really have either one is enroute the other is locked away to officially be opened on my birthday) plus a little pixie has sent garden Stars which is also enroute, and then there is the purple sampler in the pipe line from Ink Circles probably early next year… HOW WILL I CHOOSE!!!

When i ordered my eterna silks this morning using my  discount voucher i included some nice blue and green overdyeds which i though would be good for either Garden or Sea Stars if they get a guernsey, and the purples i ordered can be used for either patchwork or purple sampler, so i am hedging bets a bit.. also think my sampler will be blues theme… just a feeling i have
I love the names of my eterna overdyeds…
Dragonfly, Wild Orchid, Dreamscape, Geranium, Sweet peas, Wildflowers, twilight, Dawn, Navajo, Hibiscus, Periwinkles, Glass Beach, Sea Grotto, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Adriatic..
i love the names designer/dyers come up with for colours
i also got a heap of white silk for later…
I also started trying to narrow down which Quickstitch i would start from HAED next year and when i had a list of 10 and had not even gone throough 50 charts i realised i was in trouble.. i know i could do the annette randomiser, but knowing i will probably only have 1 QS start for the year makes it really hard..
on the list so far are
Autumn Frost Lisa Victoria
Keeper of Secrets Selina fenech
PurpleRose Witch ..CCKuik
Peachy Pink… CCKuik
Broken Angel Meredith Dillman
Scarlet Witch Caron Vinson
Violet and Gold… Molly Harrison
Pink Braids ..Elaine Cox
Gentle… Elaine Cox
calla Lilly Fae …nadia tate

So you see my dilemma.. i sort of think i might actually be leaning towards the Keeper of Secrets , as i ordered the white silk with that chart in mind, but i have also toyed with making my own JBG QS from Pale Rose as i am giving up hope of any of her charts being Quick stitch charted, and after looking at Sue’s amazing Red Eye from A  Pale Comparrison
but knowing me a few more releases and 50 more walks of the dog and i would have changed my mind ten times.. and i just realsied i did not even consider the Black lace Sampler.. sigh…see plans go awry before i even hit publish
goodness i ramnbels on a lot this post didn’t i!!!!

8 responses to “silk , know the nice stuff..

  1. If you want us to stop buying you charts, you should stop listing the ones you like LOL. The silks sound gorgeous. And it looks like you have a busy 2007 all planned out. As for being bad and buying stuff, you really shouldn’t do that this close to xmas, because you never know what all the elves will bring 🙂

    You have some lovely designs listed. I’ll be doing at least a couple of those samplers you listed next year too (or at least starting them). I’ll not admit to which just yet though 😉

  2. It’s not just Christmas… it’s also your birthday and a special one at that… you don’t turn 21 all the time, you know! 😉

    JBG is *fun* to stitch… as in SQUEEEEEEfully! fun to stitch! I could always send you Pale Comparison and my floss box and let you get it out of your system for a bit… there’s a WHOLE lot on that chart you can do! Just ask Kathie… I don’t mind sharing my stitching… I’ve enabled her lots thattaway. *looks innocent*

    I think you should do Keeper of Secrets… and Black Lace… and figure out your Ink Circles for our SAL (Diane bought Blackstone! *bounce* and Kathie bought Kaliedoscope! *bouncebounce* and you need something for the CC SAL… and there’s our RR and… and well, just AND!)

    So you see, you’re just plain old DOOMED (but not by Santas like Vicky *grin*) to have ooodles of yummy things to do until you’re 21 for the 50th time!

    Lots of hugs!!

  3. You are a riot girly, I love reading your blog. You know which ink circles I vote for.

  4. As usual your taste is impeccable I love your selections. You know what QS I would start!

  5. have a nice coffee and some chocolate,
    you’ll change your mind a few times before the final decision is made!
    but, we’ll still love you.

  6. Isn’t it wonderful to have those kind of dilemas?
    I ditto Lindy, a few lattes, cappucinos, some dark chocolates and cherries…don’t worry, it will all come together and what you do not want you can always send my way (wink, wink…nudge nudge)…giggle

  7. I’m no help here – I have enough trouble making my own stitching decisions! 😉 Just go with the flow 🙂

  8. Afraid i’m no help either. having a real dilemma myself but know of three, oops make that 4 samplers. 3 ink circles (one in progress) and then there’s another one coming too that i have to start. you aren’t helping Fudgey finding all these gorgeous charts and then the thomas’s and maybe the Wall zodiacs. omg. it’s mind boggling for sure! chocolate more chocolate please.

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