brain freeze…

i can’t think of a heading so i thought that one was appropriate… does anyone else get lost half way through typing that word.. appropriate.. i always get ahalf way and not know which letter i am upto…. no i am not in a silly mood…honest i am not … I really DO get lost typing that word.
I wish the weather would decide whether it is nearly summer or early spring. Yesterday was so hot i nearly passed out at our un airconditioned gym .. mind you i was not the only one even the instructor who is a national trainer for  les mills was struggling in the heat… and now today the wind is so cold i regretted not wearing my fingerless mitts when walking the dog… how silly is that… what we want is rain and we want it NOW..
don’t worry i won’t talk about weather for a whole blog entry…

now pictures and so forth… firstly i tried to scan my Dinky Dye silks the peridot green came out looking mint everytime so i gave up, but SB&B have the picturs of the new colours now they are way more vibrant IRL especially perdot and pink tourmaline but  here they are New Dinky Dye Silks 
next in my daily show /tell/share file is my Sea breeze picture… I must ask Diane if she minds me not posting until next week, i am not actually trudging into town this week.. my big moment out of the house will be going to morning tea with grumpy for his Birthday tomorrow… and then setting off for melbourne more about that in a minute..

anyway Sea breeze.. i have 95 % of the outlining done and it is only a section i am meant to stitch that needs to be done and i did some of the hair around the face so she was even prettier for all the RR girls to look at whilst stitching.. there would be more done except i convinced myself i had made a mistake, frogged about three hours work and then realised i had not made any mistake except to think i was wrong… hmph..


so melbourne .. we had this great idea.. do christmas shopping in melbourne…

so at 4.30 am on saturday morning we have to get out of bed… and be on a plane at 6.10 am… we will then run around like chooks with our heads cut off until sunday evening and get back to launceston at 10.30 pm… get up early the next morning and get back home in time for paul to start work..  easy … no worries…
the only thing keeping me from a complete spin out as opposed to the medium to full spin out i am currently experiencing is the thought of Replenishing my haigh chocolate stash, cos the next chance won’t be until probably June….. i wonder how much 6 months worth of dark choc caramels cost….. hmmm maybe i won’t get much xmas shopping done after especially as I want to buy mum a heap of the dark raspberry chocs from
koko black aswell .. i know dodgey website, but you get the idea, the chocolate is not cheap.

there will be another update later with Elenia picture…. i want to finish a black section in the background before posting


10 responses to “brain freeze…

  1. OMG!!! Is Melbourne THIS weekend? Hmmmmm, where’s Nancy when I need her….. LOL

  2. She looks so pretty!
    sorry to hear the weather has been crzy down there… I htink we could all do with a heavy dousing of rain these days. The dams here are down to about 23% with no rain in sight 😦

    I love the idea of christmas shopping in melbourne… if I hadn’t been hemmoragingmoney for the past three months I would of been tempted to do the same thing. Have fun at haighs.. and remember to leave some choccies for everyone else on melbourne :p

  3. Sea breeze looks so pretty!

    I often look at the weather in Tassie (we get the aussie forecast after our own on TV1) and marvel that it’s so cold.

    There’s a chance we may get a holiday in Melbourne before we leave, so you’ll have to tell me where to go!

  4. She’s looking beautiful and I don’t mind if you post her next week, no probs at all.
    Have a great time shopping in Melbourne.

  5. Brain freeze and typing- oh yes. I am forever losing the letter I need on the keyboard.
    Her eyes are amazing!

  6. Walk in our flowerbeds and you’ll sink up past your ankles in really cold mud… you should come and visit! *grins*

    Your Sea Breeze is lovely… I’ve *still* not posted my RR… I’ll do it by Friday, I will! *rolls her eyes*

    You’re not going Christmas shopping… you’re going Chocolate shopping! Wowsa!

    Have a wonderful time!!


  7. Beautiful work! Looking forward to her coming to my house 🙂 Have fun shopping in Melbourne

  8. The silks are just too lovely, I knew, just knew I should not look…and to think they are on sale too (whimper).
    Going shopping for Choccies is the best reason I can think of for going out of town…
    the best excuse, forget the gifts, just get choccies (that way you have enough money to get more!)(giggle).
    and Seabreeze…she has an hypnotic effect on me, can not get enough of an eyefull of her!

  9. Just love Sea Breeze, she’s looking absolutely gorgeous!! first of all get the chocolates, you have to get your priorites straight. how can you accomplish anythng without the chocs? no way! as for the brain freeze, you’re way ahead of me, at least you have a brain to freeze. lol.
    have fun shopping!!!
    as for the silks, i’m already fried wanting so many it just ain’t right.

  10. Sea Breeze is lovely…makes me want her even more! I have “brain freezes” all the time (only here I call mine a senior, blonde DBIL calls them “brain farts” whoops!) Shopping,big fun and the choccies sound dark choc. and your Mum sounds like me..anything raspberry is great..has to be!! Have a fun trip, Fudgey! Hugs

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