bits and pieces…

sort of random thoughts and snippets of the day…

firstly this is really interesting and reassured me i was not about to keel over from excess coffee consumption
death by Caffiene
fyi it would take
2377.35 glasses of Chocolate Milk
208.54 cups of Instant Coffee
110.57 cups of Brewed Coffee
198.11 cups of Brewed Imported Tea

of any of those in a sitting to wipe me out…. so i am safe… though i wonder what happens if you are eating chocolate at the same time….!!!!!!!!!
next, so i was looking at JBG’s site , as i do and i am in love.. i have looked at this girl numerous times but never enlarged the picture..
today i did  and i as i said am in love!!! Fairy of the Changing Moons
now would she be perfect for my new start in january a cropped fullsize chart…..
and what is that saying, if wishes were horses…
i need to add three more ACEO charts to my possible candidates for my new start in 2007 CCKuik Fairy of the Night, Blossom Witch and Harmony are all beautiful.. I looked at cropping Pale Rose today and it is possible.. though if my bewitching siliver haired girl from above, or Sugar magnolia were charted she would be dumped for either of them

and finally here is Elenia… i did have other stuff but i have run out of time…


8 responses to “bits and pieces…

  1. Elenia is stunning, seems like only a short while ago you started her and now look at her…nearly all grown up and ready to leave home (lol) wow…I shall be tossing chocolate (instead of flowers) at your feet if I were closer to you, what you have done is amazing.

    I shall humbly retreat to my cage now.

  2. Fudgey..Elenia is gorgeous, stunning and a lovely should be very proud of her!! An amazing stitching job! and talking coffee…I could keep up with you on that I consume alot of the wonderful tasting caffeine drink..and choc with it..I love a nice dark choc truffle with it or a Dove Dk Choc…yummy! Hugs

  3. Elenia is looking just wonderful! She is such a stunner.
    It’s good to know that I won’t be dieing of caffine poisoning anytime soon!!

  4. Elenia is so beautiful. you have done a fantastic job on her Fudgey. so glad you’re sharing your wips in your blog.
    lately i’ve been hooked on reese’s miniatures. they are so goooood. seems we all share a love of Haeds, ink circles and chocolate. can’t go wrong there.

  5. Hey, look how much you’ve done on Elenia! She’s really grown. Not that much left to do 🙂 She’s beautiful.

    Good to know I won’t die of caffieine poisoning soon either. Speaking of which, I think it’s time to go make coffee…. 🙂

  6. Elenia is amazing. Beautiful stitching, of course. You have really made a lot of headway on her. Great work, of course.

  7. She’s so beautiful! And you’re so close to being done.

  8. Fudgey, you’re just zooming along with Elenia, it looks like you’ve done heaps since I last saw it! And she is looking as gorgeous as ever. Keep up the wonderful work, you’re in the home stretch now! 🙂

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