trying to catch up

and not getting very far…
i know i owe many of you emails and i am just getting no where . Sorry.
I am trying to focus on my stitching as i lost 3 1/2 days over the weekend which is usually my most productive time.
I had a great time shopping, the hotel was great and a new DFO had opened in the cbd.. a DFO is a direct factory outlet that has 100 plus retail stores with lots of specials.. We did well there buying new Doona covers x2, and more hand towels we go through about 15-16 hand towels a week at the gym and i have trouble keeping up sometimes so i was happy to increase the number we owned significantly. paul as usual bought heaps of clothes.. he is the king of clothes shopping…. i bought lots of gym gear, and sports bras which i always need…. and underwear, and a DRESS which a rare thing for me just a LBD but i really needed one and a little crocheted cardigan which i felt bad buying as i could have easily made one … but
and yes we bought heaps of chocolate from Haigh for the families xmas presents and for me of course and i snuck some in for paul’s xmas present too. And i bought mum a heap of her fav dark choc raspberry puree chocolates from koko black. replenished my lush stocks, ummm had lots of awesome coffees, and yummy food ..

hardly slept a wink i think i worked out from friday when i got up until now i would have maybe had 5 hours sleep… no wonder i am struggling..

on the down side i had a massive panic attack in melbourne central when i ran into too many people in a mass and i freaked and tried to escape up a down escalator.. ( the flight impulse in me is enourmous when i have an anxiety attack)… took meΒ a while to calm down…and paul is not good in those situations infortunatley… he tends to make them worse.. little tip if someone is having a panic atttack telling them to get a grip is not a good tactic…. and he knows better.

So anyway i will try and email everyone i am meant to but i may not get there i am sorry if that is the case.
I am stitching my CC model this week so no pics, and any other stitching i do will be gifts so i can’t show them either… so it will be a boring colourless week from me in here…
if you get a chance and you are not an RR stticher from our group.. click on the HAEDRR2 link to the right and check out the beginning pieces of our new RR. also click on the Character creations link and check out Kerry’s three new SPML releases.

one more thing.. check out tracey’s model she is stitching of her design I still DoΒ  Sue be warned it is a red work piece…



12 responses to “trying to catch up

  1. Fudgey..First, Welcome Back! sorry about the panic attack….other than that sounds like you got wonderful purchases. I LOVE shopping….one of my many “addictions” including fine coffees, choccies, x-stitch, yarn, bubble bath and body cremes and lotions,..hmm..(didn’t know I had so many, lol). Wish we had Haigh choc in the states..are they only in Australia? The outlet malls are fun..we have 3 in our area (huge ones) and find great bargains at good prices)…take care..hugs

  2. Welcome home! *HUGS!* I bet your furbabies were delighted to have Mummy home to worship them properly!

    RED RED RED! I love red. And blue. And… oh nevermind.

    It sounds like you had a successful shopping trip and I’m sorry about the flight up the down escalator. *hugs*

  3. Despite the crowds, which are hard to avoid at this time of year, sounds like you had a great time. Sleepless nights can be worth it if chocolate is involved.
    Nice to be back home though, isn’t it? We missed you of course but do not worry about returning e-mails too much, I think we can all wait.
    Love the new Ink Circles design, how could I not. Every time you post one I tell myself no, do not look but does that work?….I have just added another must have to my growing list of “when will I ever find the time…but it is so lovely…whimper” list.

  4. Missed you and glad you back. Happy you got to do some real power shopping. sounds like it was fun. sorry about the panic attack.
    don’t worry about answering emails we all know you have a very busy time with the bb and all.
    love the new ink circles too and of course fantastical cats.
    try to get some rest, if that’s possible. but most of all. Enjoy those chocs!!!

  5. Eek! I looked. I knew it was trouble and I still looked – redwork! *gasp* help! πŸ™‚

    So glad you had a lovely time but very sorry about the panic attack. It’s understandable though with crowds of shoppers. Enough to give anyone the heebie jeebies (how on earth do you spell that?)

    Glad you got all that chocolate and some for you too πŸ™‚ {{{hugs}}}

  6. Glad you had a good trip despite all the people and the lack of sleep. Just think, all those choccies and lush stuff. Worth it of itself πŸ™‚

    Soooooo…. do we get to see a pic of you in your new LBD? πŸ˜‰

  7. I forgot to say that I, too, LUV the Ink Circles chart…I am whimpering like you sonya! You are a great enabler, fudgey! thanks for sharing !

  8. welcome home,
    glad the shopping went well
    (except for the panic attack).
    so you’re at home smelling good, eating chocolate and stitching,
    sounds perfect!

  9. and watching cricket….

  10. Yuk! Everyone at work is sooo into the cricket too. No one understands how I can hate cricket. And I do. With a passion! One of the guys at work jokes it is right up there on my hate list in 2nd place after genocide πŸ™‚

  11. oops sorry to cause you a angst moment…lol…
    I hate watching it live like at the ground..
    so i guess the cricket bat and ball i had for your xmas present need to be re thought…..

  12. I’m sure Nic could come up with a use for the bat… Large hunk of wood annoying workmates I can see a “connection”

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