look at the pretty picture…

so i know you are all wondering how that purple sampler model is going…lol
well the answer is it looks awesome, i just went and found it and she has done heaps!
Ink Circles Purple Sampler Model wip

i am really really loving it.. giggle, like that is big news
I am going to be norty and hold on to Seabreeze for one more day before posting to Diane…and stitch her again during the Wednesday QS SAl so i can hopefully get that other side of her face framed with her hair… sorry Diane…..

Sue is making my life hard… giggle.. she keeps talking about JBG… i am getting to the desperate stage she suggested i wait until the one/s i really want get charted… BUT WHAT IF THEY DON’T!!!!!!!

hmm its great advice unless it never happens… i have 5 on my list which are deal breakers
but i would have to do which ever one as a cropped chart..
Now Nic .. don’t read any fuurther..
i watched the best days cricket in a long long time yesterday, i got heaps of stitching done ( CC model) well heaps by my slow standards.. it was gripping to say the least.. the cricket, not the stitching. If every test was like that this summer i would do heaps of stitching as i would never leave my chair.. but i suspect the English may not have much more fight in them……

ok i have returned to normal transmission… I have a fabric question…
has anyone ordered and have in their stash from silkweaver..
Purple Punchย or Frenzyย I want to know if they really are that purple or if they are paler… no real reason……………………

better go stitch this sea breeze chick, and hope that MY JBG’s appear


6 responses to “look at the pretty picture…

  1. I see that your fertile brain is working overtime!
    Plotting, planning and trying to fit 72 stitching hours into every day.
    Glad you enjoyed the cricket.

  2. No comment on the cricket………. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    The purple sampler is looking lovely but I’m still thinking about that red one…!

  3. Let’s see if I can post without my comment getting eaten this time… RED RED RED! I’m with Nicki on the red sampler! *SWOONS*

    The purple one is gorgeous, though!

    Hand over all JBG’s now, girlie-girl… you need to wait for one of THE ones you love to be charted. One of ’em will… I know it! If I have to hide my JBG away to keep from tempting you I’ll do it! I’ll hide it at Kathie’s house so I can’t hear it screaming at me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    No Purple Punch or Frenzy here.

    I did gobs of ornament stitching today… I have two more pinecones, the veins of a third leaf, a flower and another stalky thingie. How’s that for dull-sounding? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. you lot are mad. And Sue how can you encourage me to start another JBG and not let fudgey start one.
    you are playing both the angel and the devil I think.

    I will check my stash when I get home fudgey but I am not sure on either of the two. What about davinci from Picture this plus. That I knwo I have.

  5. Ohh pretty! the purple sampler is stunning..like the red one too..eye candy overload!! Ink Circles is becoming addictive!! Cricket must be like our baseball? My fave to watch is basketball…love basketball (we had season tickets to Prof basketball team (Portland Trailblazers) when we lived in Oregon. Here you were talking about fabric..I had just been on ABC site right before I read your blog, looking at fabric to do the M design snowflake…I am working on the Las Vegas tree and I LOVE working on it and want to do some more of the trees..one for each of my DIL’s…found the fabric I want for snowflake from colorscapes (PTP) called phantom.(a purply blue colormix). That was weird that you were looking at purples too…GMTA..huh?! hugs

  6. Sorry none of those fabbies here – they look great though so maybe I should change that.. hehe. So which JBGs are on your deal-breaker list? Second thoughts for certain reasons you may not want to make that public, so send me an email.

    Vicky, pumpkin pixie? Sue being mean? You know you want to start her, can I be mean too? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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