so now what do i do…
i can actually hear some of you chuckling even though i am down here in the dregs of the world…
So like the only JBG’s HAED didn’t release that would have made life even more complex form a 2007 start point of view, was Daisy and Sunkissed mermaid.. oh and that lovley Violet one which is the only girl i think that would tempt me away from a pale JBG..

So now i have to decide… and i can’t it is as simple as that…
i think Melancholy Valentine and Green Eyed magic are the front runners .. i just said to Vickyy i am considering a cameo series all on the one liece of fabric, BUT that will just make it harder… at the moment that would mean those two, plus A pale rose , Snow Bunny 
Last leaves and Sugarplum all being chopped and fiddled with and i would be sttiching for a life time…
so then i tried to work out 2 that compliment each other and do a duo cropped pic and that made my head hurt so really i am in a pickle …
i might just stitch keeper of Secret Qs and ignore all these screaming JBG’s…
So anyway have i shown this online shop link before,… she says moving right along…lol Stitch Direct  i know that isn’t the front page, i just like that one, i like snowflakes.. do you see how you can buy PDF files for some of them  chart download section i love the assisi knot … It is a bit annoying as there are not PDF options for all of them and many you need a magazine ( her magazine ) but there are some good downloads for gift stitching etc
anyway i thought i would share…lol
So my cricket comments were interesting i found a closet cricket fan who is not prepared to be outed… lol.. gave me the giggles really
also for those of you wondering yes i do still have some chocolate left.. especiallyas i have had a minor tummy bug the last few days, but i a, pretty good at making stuff i really love last a long time anyway just having 1-2 pieces a day, it used to really annoy my sister who would gobble all her stuff up in the first 2-3 hours and then 3 weeks later i would be nibbling on chocolate and she would be whining that i had choc and it wasn’t fair.. typical whiny little sister in fact…lol
there was something else i found… but now i can’t remember what…
i went to do an extra blog entry yesterday to show you all and then i went.. nah 2 in one day is silly leave it until tomorrow and now… ..well WHO KNOWS  what it was… yes i know BIMBO!!!


5 responses to “hmmmmmm

  1. Have you thought about asking the wonderful Nancy to help you with a collage of your favorite JBGs? If you chop ’em just right you’d end up with one full-sized chart which would go along with the rest of us who just picked one chart. *giggles*


  2. Last leaves or green eyed magic 😀

  3. Green eyed magic is stunning but I am still hanging out for Violet sometimes. I can’t stop thinking about her now. Evil evil fudgey. I would haev to drop everything and start her if she were charted adn I can’t have another wips nuh uh.

    Oh and the snowflakes are so pretty… I miss snow

  4. Love Melancholy Valentine. went and looked at Asissi Knot, really like it too. you’ve got to stop getting me in so much trouble norty Fudgey. already drowning in a sea of wips with thoughts of more…..
    go for those chocs, don’t know how you can be so disciplined. give you lots of credit there. are you gonna let us know what you decide on the JBG charts you choose?

  5. Now ya see, I would have thought that a Bed of Frogs would be the ultimate one…or the Silvery bathing nymph. I can definately see you there! – giggle
    Have to say that the only ones that do it for me are The handsome frog and Karen and her cats.

    tis a good thing that you savour those chocolates, the only way really to get all the flavour! Plus I hear it is too hot to send any down to you or I would have done so…we made killer chocolates this year. Hmmmmm perhaps later.

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