alright already….

will you lot stop it…
no honest i mean it.. my parcel man and postman have started stirring me, they want to know what sort of a business i run….
I have had the most beautiful morning with parcels and mail, not sure where to start..
Actually i do, i am not sure if ASA reads this but i did not thank her the other day for my awesome gift she sent me a stash of linens from SMF for birthday/xmas and it was totally unexpected, and a great treat, Sonya i think i have my fab for Seastars when we start that next Millenium
Next darling Teri who really should not have, has sent me some silkies form Vikki Clayton, she sent me most of the dragon series, Nicki….  queen of Redwork and Sue  red obsessed pixie you must both acquire Dragons blood it is essential for me.. a lot of peple have been using for Long dog’s Token and i can see why.. {{{{terri}}}}} they are all yummy and a beautiful present my favs are the dragon blood and the dragon fire..  so vibrant.
Then camme a real surprise again , Caron Vinson sent me a 2007 calender as a little surprise…it is beautiful ! i need to ask her to send Hidden in the Hibiscus to HAED she is so unique with that hairstyle and the way she is sitting , and the colours… and i am impressed with the quality of fairy society calenders an i also have the fenech one and that is great quality…and i have a parcel from paula.. but i am not opening it yet… which will drive you crazy i know paula but i want to save this one until my birthday… but {{{{{{thankyou}}}}}}} sweet one
finally i have the one you have been waiting for .. Jan’s RR arrived and it is beautiful but of course being jan it was packed with treats, a lovely parcel full of NewZealand themed goodies like soaps, chocolate ( nearly all gone ) a note pad  etc and some Country Stitch Wild Rose 32 ct Linen.. which is possibley the best pink linen around IMO.. as i said to Jan it is screaming stitch me.. just not sure what to stitch on it
So now i have pink fabric yelling at me.. a little rose fairy yelling at me to stitch her and chocolate calling me… Thanks Jan!!! lol
I am really going to struggle not to start sttiching on her this weekend i must admit, though i am scared of stitching 1×1 on 25 ct I am worried i will ruin it….
anyway as i said at the start enough already it just has to stop, i am permanently embarassed by all the wonderful presents. Paul keeps saying how come they all send you stuff… sort of perplexed like…

now onto other things like enabling and such
I love this site, in the new year i will be struggling to not order 1-2 of the charts…. Stickideen von der Wiehenburg so which ones do you all like???
and heavens above i finally finished the sampler gallery.. no it wasn’t hard, it was nothing more than sheer laziness. I am looking forward to the finished works gallery though as i am learning new stuff as i do it…
and finally for now a final pic of Sea breeze before her journey west.. i did her hand a chunk of arm and a bit more hair, i was cross could have finished her hand if i had the right coloured floss..


9 responses to “alright already….

  1. first off, re the xstitch site, I love Neuengamme and Altengamme both, they are yummy. I did not look further because that is certain bankruptcy and torture…I know enough already about those sites to know not to look too far. lol
    Have to agree with you re Dragon’s blood and fire. I think that the Dragon assortment is going to be a must in the new year…dying to hear which fabbie it is going to be for Sea stars.
    Told you that this was going to be a really special year for you and look….it is. Glad to see that you are being gifted with all these lovelies. Enjoy, have fun and hold on…the ride is not over! giggle
    (hand over mouth)

  2. Please please beg for Hidden in the Hibiscus I think I am in love with it.
    You are special and deserve all you get!
    I have looked at that website and close it really quickly- way to tempting

  3. the prezzie onslaught has only just begun, relax and enjoy!
    i’m trying to be good and not look at that website.

  4. What finished works gallery are you talking about? I haven’t heard anything about that.

  5. I think you need to get used to the package thing and warn your postie that he has a lot more work ahead of him :p
    As for the site I love the assisi flower (not sure why but I rarely question myself it gets too confusing) A lot of the motifs I could see me doing but probably not as a sampler.. no real surprise there though.

    Now on to Dragons Blood.. It is gorgeous I got it when a certain little pixie gifted me with a HDF gift certificate. In fact I got the whole dragon assortment and love htem. I am using dragons blood at the moment to stitch the freebi ink circles knot work bookmark it stiches up wonderfully 🙂

  6. Yes, your postman is going to be quite busy! It’s not every year that a sweetheart has a special birthday, so just brace yourself and make some room! *grins*

    And yes, Dragons Blood is divine! *swoons*

    Love your mermaid… she’s so cute!

  7. Um, I agree with Sue. I don’t think your postie has finished with you yet 😉

  8. Just got the Dragon’s assortment. love it too. since i’m doing Ink Circles in Dragons Hoard thought i might could use some of the assortment colors for the center. not decided yet.
    as for the gift from me you can open it whenever you want silly girl, it’s yours. personally i think you deserve every wonderful package you receive, cos you are truly special and loved by many.
    many hugs

  9. Tell your postie to suck it up 🙂 And Paul… why does he find it so odd that you have lots of friends? After all, he DID marry you 🙂 Just go with the flow with the pressies. I mean, it’s xmas and birthday time, so deal 🙂

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