hello fellow freaks

how funny was that so many of us are freaks… apart from a perfectionist and a pushover and i must say hello to them as well..

I guess the thing is we are all cyber pals cos we recognise each others qualities.. it was actually really interesting reading about that personality type on the link provided in the quiz answer as a lot of it seems quite accurate for me.. and after all a lot of people would claim a love of 1×1 stitching makes us somewhat freakish even with in the xstitch community, but we all know we are the sensible ones.. lol
So anyway i have totally trashed all my stitching plans for next year..lol
is anyone surprised.. i’m not lol
this i know ..

there will be Models
there will be samplers there will be Maggie and Snow pixie for wednesday QS SAl’s
there will be the Characters Creation SAL with Sue and others
there will now be the xmas ornie SAl Nicki has organised

 But after that i am fuzzy, i can’t even decide my new start for the 1 year chart challenge on the BB the list keeps getting longer not shorter …

I am a lot clearer on what ornaments i want to do for the ornie SAl including some of the pinballs from the book Lindy and i have been waiting for eternity to actually be shipped… it said december when we pre ordered .. ITS DECEMBER!!!!!!! … and still we wait and i have made it worse now by finding pics from the book on the needleprintyahoogroup and it has just made us more antsy to get our hot little hands on it. I will be ordering some spools of silk from vikki to knit them, my big issue is needles atm… 0.8mm needles size 21/22 sourcing them is making my head hurt (or is that the hayfever and sinus attack i am suffering from….)
I made 2 ornaments over the weekend.. yayyyyyy 2 finishes, sorry no pics as always i can take pics with my phone but not liberate them ..

I also should complete 2 more feathery things on Elenia today… i hope to post a pic on wednsday or thursday with the whole left side complete
People i am sending gifts to.. i have a feeling a lot of you will be getting them late.. sorry but life keeps getting in my way and i just can’t get my act together to post them all

!!! i just found a site that explains the needles i want.. and they actually have them for sale.. but i am now going to try for something not on the other side of the world.. so i am getting close now


9 responses to “hello fellow freaks

  1. first of all, perfectionists are freaks, that is a given…freaks and nerds, that is us. Second, with all this changing of mind re starts and such, are you certain you are really not a closet libra? (giggle)
    Sounds like you have had a very productive weekend stitch wise…I still have to pick up my MIHTD. Every time i sit down lately, i have a cat crawling into my lap demanding attention; and when it comes to siamese and abbysinians requesting attention, it is not a request, it is an order so put down what you are doing and cuddle me NOW!
    Did get a lot of chocolates made again and cookies, so not a total loss…next week it is the turn of the cakes! …te curse of being austrian…everyone wants your baking! – grin.
    As for needles, do hope you find them…if you need help you know who to call, we all will help!

  2. Yep, add me as another ‘freak’ – I’m borderline INFP/INFJ. Troy is very much INFJ and it shows…lol.

    On the enneagram I’m a 2 with a 3 wing meaning I go out of my way to help everyone but I’m a perfectionist and it gets in the way – lol.

    Perfectionism in regard to your stitching isn’t a bad thing though – it wins us prizes instead. Though my mum does think I’m taking it a bit far completely restarting a dragon BAP I’m 3/4 of the way through…oh well, whatever makes us happy.

    Hope needles get found-ed – it’s so hard living here on the opposite side of the world!

  3. Life does have a way of getting in the way! I make the greatest of plans and poof there is life again interupting

  4. *pokes Fudgey and whispers Ink Circles SAL in her ear*

    You still haven’t picked a JBG have you? You could end up like me and have it picked for you. *rolls her eyes and giggles*

  5. so where did you find the needles?
    anyway, the book is released on 15 december,
    so, Santa won’t be putting it under either of our trees!

  6. Well, fudgey..you sound very busy but great progress on your stitching..I am almost finished with my Las Vegas tree, and I am loving stitching it..so pretty! I am a perfectionist also..lol it has its good points and its bad points..everyone thinks I am so picky!…I, too am having trouble with what to start for 2007..probably will have many new starts..just can’t help myself! I want to get some more of the Vikki C. silks now that jenifer sent me 2..they are sooo soft! I, too, suffer from the sinus/allergy crap. (just not as bad since we moved here to the desert!) hope you get the needles you need..keep on stitching! hugs

  7. Have no idea what my new start of the new year will be. like you, do know there are some samplers in my future and then there’s that cirque des circles i started. so many wips that it’s getting scarey! another one here that’s trying to collect some silks for patchwork sampler and sea stars and garden stars. glad you found your knitting needles. it’s pitsville when you can’t find something you want or should i say absolutely have to have!!! hope you and Lindy get your books soon.

  8. Judging by the way this year has gone, I have decided not to try and guess what I am going to want to stitch during the next year. I’m going to join in the Ornie SAL and that’s all for the moment.

  9. hmmm, I was a bore. Just boring boring boring…. sigh. Oh well, some people loves me anyway.

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