well i couldn’t thinkof a title today and that was the first silly thing that came into my head..

i know an artist who uses the titles from her spam folder in her email.. i might start doing that.. it is quite amusing some days.

The day before yesterday i had a really scary experience there had been squalls blowing past the house all day dropping rain and scurrying off but when i set off for the gym it was sunny, i had a slight cold and felt a bit blech but life was ok..
half way there i.e half way up the big hill it takes me 20 minutes to climb i was hit by a storm.. fine, i’m tough i trudged on thinking this isn’t going to be very comfy, riding the bike in wet gym clothes.. so i got past half way… and SMACK….. i got hit full force by the southerly winds and a hail storm…. the winds were so strong i literally could not move and they were sucking my breathe up before i could breathe it and i was hyperventillating and getting smacked on the face by hail, i couldn’t even turn around and i just stood there fighting to stand up and sort of crying except crying requires breathing and i was truly struggling to do that.. i was so scared i have never had my breathe just snatched away like that before i get the chance to breathe it.. which makes no sense , but i know what i mean. once i stopped panicking ( yeah 2 weeks 2 panic attacks this is not a good cycle to get back into leading into the “festive” season) i worked out if i crouched down and forced my head down i could walk forward and i got to a tree and regrouped behind it. and went on to the gym .. feeling absolutely exhausted, breathless and very wet and sore ( my face from the hail) , and sort of dazed

now my gym when you walk in there are always heaps of people all talking and i can usually slide in swipe my card  and slide into my class.. i looked so awful everyone just stopped talking and stared at me and the gym owner who never ever even acknowledges my existence ( long story not for public viewing) was the first one to speak and said my god will someone get the poor girl a towel…
Annettte the girl behind the desk said i can’t believe paul didn’t pick you up tonight, you should have rung him… umm yeah good one.. paul was in hobart, 6 hours away…

i did a really crappy ride in RPM , i wonder why..
then i had to trudge home and walk the dog cos paul was away . He was being shouted dinner at some fancy restaurant by his rich uncle and aunt in hobart… like sucks sometimes…
so now i have a really bad chest cold, i reckon my pathetic weak bronchials got inflammed when i was gasping for air and on top of my cold it has been too much…. I am ok though so no worrying i am an expert at chest colds and pneumonia , i have just been really lucky the last few years..
yes i will look after myself, no i won’t stop going to the gym, i know i am insane , you all knew that.

On a cheerful note i ordered our raspberries for xmas, so 1.5 kg of raspberries are being picked up on christmas eve for the pavlova  and general munching on, paul keeps telling me hae hasn’t sen any cherry signs on the highway so we are going to go lookingthis weekend, i can’t imagine i will be allowed into mums house without a few kilos of fresh cherries… am i making you Northern hemisphere  people jealous yet?? My sister drives past the big strawberry farm each day on the way to work so she has that under control…
Oh and i ordered my fine needles for knitting the pinballs they might arrive tomorrow so i will be able to test drive this itty bitty knitting thing and have it down pat by the time the book arrives.. if it ever arrives…waiting , waitng waiting for the release
i realsied i had not linked the pics last post so here is the front cover at least for you.. there are some amazing pics from the book at the needleprint yahoo group
oh and yes this half my present to myself… not telling you the second half, two people know…


8 responses to “rumplestiltskin

  1. sorry that you had such an awful trek to the gym,
    the raspberries sound yummy,
    I treated myself to some cherries today, expensive, but soooo good!
    Ooooh, I’ve just realised that I know, yep, it had slipped my mind,
    but, I’m not telling.

  2. omg! What an awful day! Look after yourself and have fun with all those berries… yes, I’m jealous 🙂

  3. Well, geez… I mean, GEEZ!

    No workout is worth that… NONE! You can go to the gym, sure… but check the weather before-hand next time… please? *HUGS!*

    Cherries! GIMME! I *love* cherries and I am totally jealous! YUMMMMMMMMMM!

    Extra *HUGS* for the sniffles… take care of yourself!

  4. You had 2 workouts, not one! but I know how you feel today…been wiped out all week but that is cause of the intense cold, power failures and more. Hope that the nasty cold does not set in…only a few more days to christmas and birthday (YAY!!!)
    Raspberries! hmmfp…you really know how to hurt a person! sniff sniff…(grin…one month and a half and I shall be munching on fresh figs!)
    pamper your sniffles and have extra hugs from me as well

  5. Raspberries…my very favorite, then cherries and then strawberies! I am drooling at the moment! Sorry you had such a god-awful time getting to the gymn…take care of yourself, you don’t want to be all sick and laid up for Christmas and your birthday! Hugs

  6. You poor thing – that sounds horrible. I know what you mean about your breath being whipped away and not being able to breathe. It’s scary even if you’re not one for panic attacks.

    You really shouldn’t go to the gym if you’re sick, but I guess you know that! {{{hugs}}}

    We have raspberries and strawberries and cherries too! In fact I have some cherries in the kitchen. Might go and get some…..

  7. That sounds like a monsterous experience. Do take care my dear, I would hate to hear you have made yourself ill.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing your pinballs. I just read an article about the originals being very finely knitted rather than embroidered. I’m sure you’ll do a marvellous job. Which reminds me, I must get myself Quaker Post, I like the look of the stamps they have charted.

  8. OMG Fudgey! what an absolutely horrible experience. glad you survived the ordeal. the images you painted speak of utter panic where i am concerned. am a chronic asthmatic so can only imagine what a frightening thing you went through. hope you’re feeling better for goodness sake.
    okay just added another site to favorites, you just gotta stop finding all these lovely places. i’m in so much trouble already. okay, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, all fresh. now i’m green with envy. some of my favorite fruits/berries. yummmmm. have a big bunch for me too. please.

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