i accidentally deleted all my spam before i could get a funny title for my heading… i will have to start writing a list beside the computer..
my itty bitty skinny needles arrived today they are just so thin it made me laugh the bobble on the end is a little bead i should have ordered 2 pairs of each size , cos i am bound to bend them or skewer myself with them…
so now i have needles and i have three hanks of Vikki Clayton silks in my possession, no i lie 4 hanks, three sample colours one is a pink, one is a lavender purpley colour and one is turquoise, plus if i pull apart something i kitted i will also have a hank of a deep red… ummmm Diane’s rouge is it.. too lazy to look it up the dark red with a womans name in the title…
i really need to order a hank or two of really pale colours to compliment them a hank is 50 metres or is it yards  i think.. she says looking vaguely dim i always forget .
maybe barely there and ummmm something

I went through the Site most of you were too scared to click on and picked out my favourites, the ones on the short list to be purchased in 2007..
The Assisi Flower , i love the genteel look of this one
Patchwork scroll down to the second one.. i especially like it done inversely  the pale blue version, that looks cool IMO
Tree of Life… Vierlanden Samplers
it is the second chart down, i also like rosettes of Vierlanden  below it
Still don’t know what my new start will be… am i annoying anyone yet???


6 responses to “goobledygoop

  1. I love those German samplers. I’ve been watching them through the Yahoo group for ages. Love the trees one and the quaker one and the patchwork alphabet. So lovely. Would have to be done in red of course…… 🙂

  2. The Assisi Flower is my favorite, can see it in periwinkle color or purplish blue, or teal/aqua. can’t get the Tree of Life one to come up. whine

  3. I have fixed the link paula..
    Nicki i have this real thing about stitching a trees sampler given my love of trees, there is that massive forest one i can never remember the name of with the verse in the middle of it , i would change to a poem about trees , but i think this one is better

  4. Oh, dear this site could get us all into trouble!
    I love the way they give you a freebie on the bottom of each page.
    Be good fudgey, wait for the book to arrive!

  5. I love those German samplers as well and am a silent member of that board…did you know that there is a free advent calender sampler that is being given too members there? Martina does some very nice work.
    So..when are we going to see one of your own creations? You could do one you know instead of tempting us with all these other ones (and yourself as well) I would volanteer to be a sample stitcher for you (big grin)
    hugs and counting the days till the 29th!

  6. Oh fudgey…Love the Patchwork one! It is very pretty..oh you Temptress, you! More eye candy to look at and drool over! lol

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