various thoughts and links and so forth

first thought
All you lot that blog need to update your blogs more often , i just went through all my blog links and only Nicki and Cathy had updated theirs..
I FINALLY had time to check and now i am sulking…lol

Next thought… i only have 1 parcel to post, 2 online vouchers and 1 gift voucher card thingy from Myer ( for Mum) and i am DONE DONE DONE..
I don’t think Paul’s will arrive on time so i bought him a mega collection of nuts, lollies, marshmallow santa’s choc coated cashews etc to occupy him until series 1 and 2 of Stargate Atlantis do arrive in deepest darkest tassie…

what thought an i up too… third Thought…
I have decided to take from tuesday ( tomorrow ) until January 2nd ( also a Tuesday ) off from all Model stitching….
Sorry Kerry And Michele ( though Michele does not read my blog but i will say sorry anyway) I will OPost a Pic of Elenia Tomorrow
i am trying to finish a few things for Mum and my nephews and pauls work Colleague ( who deserves a medal IMO) and then i have my now yearly 1 weekk off to stitch for myself , which will be sucked up with my having to go galivanting all over the place to satisfy other peoples wants … now maybe some of you understand one of my reasons for not wanting to go to this silly food thing at the other end of the state for  my birthday, i lose almost all my annual stitching holiday…pout

Fourth Thought knitting with 1 strand of silk and itty bitty needles is fun… slow, fiddly, but fun… I WANT MY PINBALL BOOK… ( does that qualify as fifth thought??)

I still can’t commit to a chart for a new start..

i know i am hopeless I need to decide quickly so i can get paul to print off a full chart before the holidays start, not much pooint having a new start if i have no chart to start with, and no i can’t ask him to print 5-6 charts well i could but he would not be impressed
The ones calling my name loudest atm are..

Keeper of Secrets  Selina Fenech
Harmony  by CCkuik
Purple rose  by CCKuik
Pink Braids  by Elaine cox
Autumn Frost  by Lisa Victoria
Pink Garden fae  by caron Vinson  ( warning mega picture)
Cropped fullsize charts
Green Eyed Magic  JBG
Melancholy Valentine  JBG
Not Until after My  First Cup .. Lisa Steinke

 lol pick the two odd ones out…
oh i just remembered another Silvery Moon Story Keep ( can’t link)
That one, Keeper of Secrets, Pink Braids and Autumn Frost are printed…
I know i need to make up my mind.. i am such a baby about these things..
better stop waffling


12 responses to “various thoughts and links and so forth

  1. Purple Rose or Pink Braids!

  2. Purple Rose or Autumn Frost

  3. I like Harmony best.

    Have a fun model stitching vacation. I totally understand the need for that.

  4. Oooo, Keeper of Secrets!

    Hm, you must not read my blog because I update it all the time. 😉 Just kidding, I know you’re busy.

  5. Green eyed magic!

    Hehe, I think we have all covered most of your list… not much help is it 🙂

  6. Pink Braids or Green Eyed Magic!

    I understand the stitching holiday – all last Saturday was taken up with getting to and from a family food thing. I do like my time to myself 🙂

  7. Ha! Since when was food testing a chore! especially when it includes fresh raspberries, succulant strawberries and bursting with flavour cherries! Go ahead, complain but we know that those berries have you hooked! (giggle)
    -and if we have a vote…pink braids!…in my next life, that will be my hair colour. Well, I could do it now but at my age it would just look like a bad dye job (snort)
    10 more days to go and then party!!!!!!

  8. Very bad blogger here- will update tonight I promise. I vote for Keeper of the Secrets

  9. Ok…ok…I updated…can I go back to drooling over the new charts now?

  10. lol..
    yes sonya you can go back to drooling

    you lot really have been no help.. you have listed just about all of them.
    i think keeper of secrets is ahead atm

  11. *cough*

    Melancholy Valentine!

    I know I need to update my blog… I’ve been a busy elf, I have… I’ll get an update done this week… I have a finish, too, but I’m scared to ornamentify it! *whines*


  12. Another vote for pink!
    being so far away…my vote could count for two?

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