Sad but true… i have ONE haigh caramel left…. one…. sigh..

So anyway as i fret about that.. i have one ornament finished, 1 ornament to go, and 1 porcupine to stitch the legs on I think i will do the porcupine after i finish eating my lunch and then i only have mum’s ornie to finish… I made paul’s gift to his colleague into a litty bitty bag and i think i can fit 3 haigh choc balls in there… i will test in a minute…
I have emailled paul and reminded him i need the digital camera…
but well it is Paul… hang on he just replied to the email and he has packed it… yayyy

I am really no closer to what to start for the 2007 sal.. but i am really good at having ideas for otherpeople.. Sharon, Vicky etc.. its just me i can’t help…

this next thing is the link to the Food festival i am going to just incase anyone wanted to see … it has started every year on my birthday for 20 something years.. but it is not as much fun as the one i go to in launceston every february..which is in a mega park , so there is more space and there is more food and entertainment venues ( and it s cheaper) but there are some nice food places there so …. Taste of tasmania
Next, i hope GiGi does not mind me doing this but she has some wonderful pictures of the Pinballs…still waiting for the book…. SIGH… so here is her blog scroll down to the 16th of december ( second post) and scroll dwon a bit more and there they are…
thats all nothing else… rather dull today really, sorry..
hopefully i will have pictures tomorrow 


7 responses to “whimper……

  1. Fudgey..The Taste sounds fun and yummy! Used to go to something similiar in Oregon! Love the little pinballs..they are so delicate and pretty looking.

    I have had a “bug” since Sat night, so haven’t got to catch up on the Bb and your blog… and see more “pretties” popping up all over!

    Sorry you are out of your wonderful caramels…you will just have to make a trip and get more or can you order them online?


  2. It’s lunchtime for me and I went and clicked… BAD idea… lookit all the yummy foooooood! Somehow rummaging around in my fridge just isn’t going to seem worthwhile after parusing THAT offering! Wowsa!!

  3. there will be MUSHROOMS!!! coffee and chocolate! (gasping for air) omg Heaven!…thud.

  4. Oh Sonya you would be in heaven.. the number one thing my sister and i do for both food festivals is go to the Mushroom stall and get big bowls of tempura mushrooms, either the swiss honey browns or the mixed with those, enoki, ummm damn i hate it when my mind goes blank… shitake and one other sort.. that and a glass of really good champagne… best way to kick off a food festival

  5. oh i forgot.. judy at this time of the year the chances of any chosc i ordered turning p not in liquid form would be slim…
    i think i can get pauls mum to buy me some at xmas, though she is likely to get confused and buy the wrong thing, like when i tried to get her to buy me lush stuff once…

  6. first a new mushroom chart and now your mushroom edibles….go ahead, twist that knife.(LOL)

  7. Oh gee, Fudgey, I did have a senior, blonde moment..I forget that It is very hot right now in your area while we are having winter…duh..I agree the choc. wouldn’t make it…unless you want liquid choccies.

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