me again…

here are the pictures of my ornies and porcupine..

both ornies are stitched on 28 ct silkweaver something sparklie.. think it is moondust The sheep is from the 2001 ornie mag and is from Elizabeth designs stitched in VC silks and changed so the sheep was standing on grass not snow.. after all it is summer in tassie not winter oh and i made it into a bag instead of a pillow thing.

the cone is from Scandinavia Stitches and is called Nordic hearts… again in VC silks with a bit of sparkle in the red hearts.. white PTB ..

i finished with some raffia instead of a fabric handle and had a reall disaster with the point, which took all my stitching skills ( thank goodness i have them) to rescue it.. points on 28 ct sparkle fabric are not good.. if i did this one again i would use a a finer linen no sparkle..
both are 1×1


the porcupine well he is just feral…. crocheted and crazy.

and it has been a big morning for parcels……..


14 responses to “me again…

  1. They are so pretty! I love the little hint of a choccie I can see peaking out of the bag 🙂
    And the porcupine is too cool! That could be because he is all black and has kind of a punk thing going on hehe
    Very impressive work.
    So do we get to know what the parcels were?

  2. aaargh i keep resizing trying to make them fit and not look long and skinny i might scream in a minute.. oh hang on i did already..
    parcels were from you and nic, sharon and nancy..
    posty parcel man visited me twice this morning..
    ]and i am sweating on pauls Stargate atlantis dvd’s arriving!!!

  3. The ornaments are cute… love the peeking chocolate and that feral punk porcupine is the most adorable thing I’ve seen since Vicky posted her crocheted legion of the undead!

    Of course, he’d not last long in this house… Nikki (the cat, as opposed to our red-loving talented stitching Nicki) would see it as her personal toy and make quick work of it!

    You know, we have all the Atlantis episodes burned to DVD… we TiVOed them all and needed to store them… not that they’d play in your region, so nevermind my babbling… it’s getting close to bedtime here. 😉


  4. It’s all lovely, but my favourite is the hedgehog – he/she’s awesome 🙂

  5. Fudgey..thanks for sharing your lovely “works of art”! You did a great job on all of them! The porcupine is too cute!

  6. Great work on your ornaments. Though I must admit I didn’t pay them much attention once I saw Mr Porupine. He is tooo cute! Very crazy looking which is also important 🙂 Now I want to start crocheting again too! Hmmm… maybe I can start that this weekend. I do after all have to teach Vicky next week 🙂

  7. glad that the postie found you at home!
    love the porcupine.

  8. that reminds me.. 123stitch has some crocheting dvd’s now saw them in their newsletter.
    if all else fails she could try that

  9. soooo…. are you being good and putting things under the tree or with b’day stashes or are you being bad? 🙂

  10. Love that porcupine! This Nicki (as opposed to Sue’s furry baby Nikki) would also see it as hers! 😉

    Love the ornaments too – that Scandinavian Stitches is high on my list of ones I need to make.

    Glad the parcel man is fully employed……

  11. I need to do a porcupine! He is just too too wonderful to not do….Your pic is just good enough for me to see how it was done. Thankie!
    More goodies in the mail! you must be dancing up and down with excitment and wonder. Who knows what goodies lie within (grin)
    You realize ofcourse that we all need to know what they contain….asap.

  12. Oh, forgot to mention, the cone bag looks very well despite the (discreet cough to cover up) but let me come to the point….(giggle) anyone would be honoured to recieve them!

  13. Lovely work! I love, love, love the hedgehog! very cute!

  14. Your ornaments are really special. have to say the hedgehog is tooo cute. my favorite. thanks for sharing your projects.
    enquiring minds want to know what the parcels contain.

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