Paul has been sitting in the corner pouting…
he saw my pile of to be opened pressies from all my lovely angels and he thinks it is unfair…
i have not listed any thing yet because with the exception of two gifts, which i didn’t know were  gifts when i opened them .. i am saving them all to open either on xmas or birthday morning…
As you all know i won’t be posting my thanks on the BB for reasons i won’t repeat again, so i will be doing all my hugs here..
So far hugs go to Lana and Cole who tricked me big time…
Nikki, Sharon, nancy,Vicky, Nic, paula, jan,  Diane, ( gift voucher so i know what that is), Becky also a gift voucher so i know what that was, Sonya, terri  and Lindy.. i hope i didn’t miss anyone then
I will not say what anything is until i do one great big mass group hug to you all
i feel sort of silly and very embarassed don’t really know what to say or how to handle it best so rather than 20 thankyou posts as things came in thats what i went with
iwent and looked at charts for ages and so far all i achieved was a good idea for a SK from a JBG chart so i am still not faring well there.
oh well

edited to add…

i will be able to post a pic of the mini french REDWORK sampler tonight my time.. i only have the littlest alphabet and a cottom reel to stitch.. then i have to work out how to finish it….
it does not need to be gifted until dec 30 or 31 so i have time to ponder


4 responses to “CRIKEY!!

  1. Awh, poor Paul 😉 Sounds like xmas morning is going to be fun at your house. If Paul is getting jealous you can always let him unwrap some of the pressies for you 🙂

  2. Poor Paul … i had thought about addinga pressie for him too but I ran out of time :p
    Just tell him he already has the bestest present evern he got you :p

  3. Paul is just teasing you my dear…just tell him to wait till his special birthday (oh and he has to pick up x-stitching naturally; cause that is where all the special people are)
    Sounds to me like this will be one special year!

  4. Poor Paul- he reminds me of my kids skating coach’s husband. She got gifts from all her skaters and he used to sulk at the volume.
    Enjoy your gities!

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