one last picture

ok just quickly i am about to up stumps and head to launceston via afew fruit farms…

here is my French mini sampler from the french magazine i can never remember the name of it is done on Country stitch Shorrtbread 32ct linen, has to be my fav colour for samplers… with vikki clayton heartwood silk 1×1


found the mag… eye roll … De fil en aiguille sampler special
incidentally i can not rave enough about the service at volarium, i have ordered a few mags from her and she is wonderful, fast and her postage rate is brilliant

so merry christmas everyone.. i owe sue, nic, vicky and paula  emails… sorry i will try tonight on the laptop


6 responses to “one last picture

  1. Oooh, gorgeous! Of course. Will not click on the link – don’t need more stitchy stuff LOL!

    Hope you got all the fruit and have a wonderful Christmas 🙂

  2. Nicki, I am with you on this one…will not click either, especially since I can navigate easily in french…might be very dangerous. (grin)
    Lovely piece of stitching, love the colour of the silk on the fabbie too!
    Have a wonderful time and lots of berries!
    Merry merry!

  3. HAve a fantastic time JM.
    The sampler looks fab. Shortbrea is such a great colour for those deep reds.. just gorgeous.

  4. Looks great JM! Love the colours.
    Have a great time and enjoy all that lovely fruit 🙂

  5. Merry Christmas, Fudgey! Love the little sampler and love the fabric and thread you chose….what did you end up making it into? Enjoy the fresh berries..I am envious!! hugs

  6. Lovely sampler, love the heartwood silk. will have to remember the name. don’t worry about an email. it’s Christmas. Have a very Merry Christmas and a great time at the fruit farms.

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