lovely people

thankyou lovely people..

i will email you all eventually, but i am moving at snail pace today for some reason… actually i know why.. rampant sinus AGAIN, weather chanege does amazing things to me… none of them good, and i am out of tablets!!!!!
so many beautiful gifts, i know i will miss some out and i apologise if i do, it isn’t that i don’t like it , just that i am doing it from memory rather than go and get the big bag full of goodies..

I know i will just say what i got not who gave it
i have a lovely scissor fob with pretty pink scissors and a fob made from the selina fenech keeper of secrets pendant..( vicky made it ..thought i should mention the maker!)
funnily i also received from someone else the keeper of Secrets print, as well as a gossamer princess print from Selina, and a lovely Life Companions print from SPML
There are is the Black Lace Chart and  Puzzle Sampler chart from Dessins , Chatelanes Knot Garden one, the one with the crows sitting on the gates which i love, a chart called Dragonfly dreams ,
Ink circles Sea stars and Garden stars… i think that is all the charts… i would get up and check the pile but beetle has settled on me so i will not offend her… edited to add also the dracolair griffin bookmark so now i have to stitch that one for noah as well i guess…!!
THere are some chocolates of course, lol, some yummy snowcake soap, which i am a major fan of, i wish lush didn’t only sell it at xmas, some beautiful Gloriana silks and thread , Ultra violet silk and seaweed silk from Gloriana are divine if you do not own them…
A gift voucher to 123stitch for way too much, $25 .00, and Eterna silk voucher for way too much, and Heaven and earth designs gift voucher. Also a lovely cd of funny stories and i know i have forgotten something….. but again can’t check the pile as beetle is in purring kitty bliss atm. I remember it just came in a flash a beautiful pice of 32 ct jazlyn in elegance from Silkweaver… i think that i like 32 ct jazelyn, just not the 28 ct… wonder which samper i could stitch on that…

so thankyou all my dear friends i really love all my pressies and as usual i am a bit over whelmed…

My Mum actually gave me my most awesome gift.. i will try and describe it but i know i won’t do it justice. it is a poster by a Tasmanian photographer Ricky Eaves. It is of a baby orphaned tassie devil fast asleep in a persons hand with a little sky blue blankie around its head it is almost like the Geddes print of the babay asleep in a mans hand… it is stunning… and i am already hassling paul about it being framed and then i will take a pic for you all.

i hope santa was knid to you all and you all had beautiful days with lots of fun…
and now i have to load up for my bithday now and go through it all again!

hugs everyone i really am lucky to know so many lovely people


6 responses to “lovely people

  1. Sounds like a lovely haul for someone who deserves it. That tassie devil print sounds gorgeous. I can picture it well. The only thing that would make me like it more was if the tassie devil was a baby tiger or wolf 🙂

    Hopefully all the lovely gifts helped make up for you being out of your comfort zone. This is the last day I can get on line for a while too, so happy birthday!

  2. A gorgeous girl,
    received gorgeous goodies.
    So glad that you had a fun time.

  3. i consider myself very lucky to know you Fudgey. you are truly a very special soul.
    i can visualize that beautiful print from your Mom but can hardly wait to see the pic.
    sorry you’re having sinus problems and hope you get better real soon.
    very happy you received so many beautiful gifts from those who love you.
    glad you had such a beautiful Christmas and hoping your birthday will be even better.

  4. Merry Christmas! Sounds like you got a great haul this year!

  5. Lots of hugs and cups of hot dark chocolate with whip! I think we are all so very pleased that a) you loved your gifts and that b) your Christmas was special…added bonus being that your wonderful friends think you are pretty wonderful as we..
    Lots of fondling, dreaming, eating and more unwrapping to come; Merry merry and happy happy! (grin)

  6. Sounds like you got alot of wonderful pretties..glad you had a great christmas holiday! hugs

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