i am still alive

if anyone is still out there…

sorry i was so overwhelmed/stressed/exhausted etc from the whole xmas/newyear drag jeannie-maree out of her cave and push her around and talk at her and make her sit in crowds etcetcetc thing i had to hibernate for a while..
edited to add… Annie Rodrigue just painted a picture that sums up how i felt through sections of the past few weeks..lol
the Angry BallerinaΒ  all those hands prodding her.. isn’t she just precious

I think i have now emailled everyone, if i have not i am so sorry i am in such a pickle time wise, it doesn’t help that i compose emails in my head when walking and then can’t remember whether i sent the think or only thought it.. i know insanity is my middle name

Another reason i was avoiding blogging was the thought of the overwhelming challenge of writing everything down that happened and that i received so i made the decision not too.. Sorry but it was the only way i could cope. i have emailled everyone thanking them and i am going to leave it at that.. i know that will frustate enquiring minds but i just have this enormous fear i would leave something out and offend someone .
so i will no doubt as time goes by mention everything anyway especiallyas a lot were charts i want to do..
Speaking of which. I started Persanne which the lovely Nicki sent me i had choices galor but i think some of them may be meant to be part of SAL’s so i went with one i knew i was not mean toΒ  SAL with and which i have lusted after since i got back into cross stitching, and which is quite small so theoreticllay i might finish one day..( insert hysterical laughter) i am sttiching it on white 28 ct graziano linen with vikki clayton silk in heart break.. well for the border at least, i may change the colir for the centre to a softer blue or a varigated Blue, but Vikki doesn’t do many blue varigated flossies i noticed on ly the Jazz blues really and that is too dramatic.. unless i missed one going through the pages.

I was bad and ordered 4 more hanks of her silk as she is having another hank sale it is too good a deal to pass up and my last lot of colours were gorgeous.
Next in a fit of what i consider a cop out i decided to do a new start for the Wednesday QS SAL … can’t tell or show what yet as HAEd ( thanks to dear sharon) sent me some pre release charts as a birthday gift and i am starting one of those .

Now this leaves the door open for me to either start a new fullsize chart, or another QS , or be a grown up and work on maggie to completion for the SAL challenge. I have like 8-9 days to decide..
see cop out.. but i don’t mind.. lets be honest i am hopeless and i know that lol
Now can someone clarify something fo rme.. i tried emailling Nic, but i know she was going to be off line for a while..

AM i somehow implicated in a Black Lace ( gifted to me by Nic) SAl forthis year.. just need to check as i want to start sorting out fabs/silk etc if i am oh and a start time would be good…
i have these slots filled for SAL’s already so i am getting a bit worried..

Week 2 of each month is the HAED challenge SAL ..chart to be determined
Week 4 of each month is the Christmas Ornament SAL .. i reckon each ornie will take me 2 months as i only intend to stitch for 1 day of each weekend in SAL’s my first Ornie will be the Dinky Dyes Bunyip ornie that paula sent me last year as a present
Week five which comes around four times this year i think is the Potts/daniels SAL for which i am slowly chipping away at Aredhel ( pic of latest effort in next blog entry)
So i need to slot in 2 more SAl’s there is the character creations one Sue feel free to jump in and state a starting date….
and this possible Black Lace one… Nic..Vicky..Sue?? See i am confused.. someone will need to give me warning each week what i am meant to be doing i think…


8 responses to “i am still alive

  1. ummmm to black lace.. I will check with Nic. I forgot about it completely.. woops. I did start looking at threads for it over the break though .. well Nics choices anyway. lol
    A Character creations SAL sounds like a good idea, though no idea when I will fit all this stitching time in. I htink I need a few extra hours in each day this year . lol

  2. I’m a frustrated enquiring mind! πŸ˜‰ No, actually I’m not, you do whatever you need to and I can imagine the last couple of weeks have been a bit, well, whatever {{{hugs}}} I do need to see a piccie of the Persanne start though! And of course you’ll finish it one day πŸ™‚

    And if you need a giggle, go look at my 2007 goals. I think it works out at about a week per project…… LOL! Now who’s insane? πŸ™‚

  3. You are you and that is enough for me.

  4. The ballerina is perfect, what a perfect picture of how you feel.

  5. CC SAL… um, well, see… a sweet someone sent me a gift certificate for CC (*hugs* to Sharon!), and while I do have YoTD, I sort of really like Mermaid and may get that one… so it’ll be a bit before that SAL would start if I change my mind and decide to stitch her instead.

    Black Lace… yummmmy! I’m considering Inky Depths for that one… just not sure what fabric for it yet.

    When is Tracy’s Purple Sampler due out for our Ink Circles SAL?

    I hope you’re getting back to yourself… if you’re composing mail in your head and forgetting to actually send it, it sounds like your getting close! *giggles*

    Lots of hugs!

  6. A big hug and a hope that you return to your normal routine soon.
    We luv you just for you!

  7. Glad things have quieted down some for you Fudgey. just do what you need to do to get yourself settled. we luv you just the way you are. so no apologies needed.

  8. Hehehe, Black Lace SAL.. well I was intending on that slightly mean side bennie when I ordered the 4 charts πŸ˜‰ I’m thinking that an unorganised stitch when you can and show progress would probably suit us all better though πŸ™‚ As to colours, I have picked out VC Winterberry 1431 on Countrystitch cloudburst. But it won’t be started until Feb

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